On 4 November the Paris Agreement enters into force, thirty days after the world crossed the double threshold of ratification by at least 55 countries and by countries representing at least 55% of global emissions.

Once in force, the Agreement will be legally binding for those countries that sign and ratify it.

The Agreement opened for signature on 22 April, 2016, at a high-level signing ceremony in New York convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon When a country signs, it is obliged to refrain from acts that would defeat the object and purpose of the Agreement.


As of 16 November 2017: 195 Parties signed the Agreement, 170 Parties ratified


The next step, ratification, signifies a country’s intent to be legally bound to the terms of the treaty at the international level.

This Ratification Tracker by Climate Analytics shows progress on ratifications to date.