Sustainable Bioenergy


Introducing a global partnership platform for developing a community of good practice, enhancing knowledge, and scaling up the implementation of sustainable bioenergy solutions in order to contribute to the SEforALL goals of Doubling the Global Use of Renewable Energy and Ensuring Universal Energy Access by 2030.

The Sustainable Bioenergy High-Impact Opportunity (HIO) is a voluntary partnership of likeminded stakeholders that seeks to facilitate the development and deployment of Sustainable Bioenergy Solution.. All types of bioenergy projects are being promoted including inter alia

  1. Renewable biomass for clean cooking solutions;
  2. On-farm bioenergy production to boost agricultural yield and reduce post-harvest losses;
  3. Distributed electricity production using sustainable biomass from forestry and agriculture co-products;
  4. Electricity and fuels from municipal solid waste (MSW);
  5. Cellulosic ethanol for clean cooking and transportation; and
  6. Sustainable aviation biofuels.


In coordination with the SEforALL Global Facilitation Team, the HIO will engage in dialogue with national governments, civil society and private sector to identify opportunities for the (further) development of sustainable bioenergy, while taking into consideration inter alia appropriate agricultural resources, sound environmental management, economic growth rates, energy and food security needs, financing mechanisms and policy frameworks. Within the parameters outlined for an HIO by SEforALL, the Sustainable Bioenergy HIO co-Leads, Partners and High Impact Initiatives (HIIs) will pursue

  • Knowledge enhancement and information sharing
  • Deployment support
  • Policy support

To achieve the goals outlined above we have assembled a Steering Committee consisting of institutions and corporations internationally recognized for their leadership in sustainable bioenergy policy, technology and best business practices. The Steering Committee will provide guidance and oversee the work of High Impact Initiatives and Projects that are at the forefront of sustainable bioenergy development and deployment. By coordinating with the regional and topical SEforALL Hubs, coordinating with the SEforALL Global Facilitation Team, and aligning our efforts with the Country Action Plans the Sustainable Bioenergy HIO will make meaningful contributions to the SEforALL goals of ensuring universal energy access and doubling the use of renewable energy by 2030.

Working in close collaboration with the Global Facilitation Team (GFT) the HIO Steering Committee Co-Chairs – UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials - and the HIO Secretariat defined a path to formal recognition of the HIO. The Sustainable Bioenergy HIO was launched at the SEforALL Forum in May 2015 as a genuinely new activity stimulated by the SEforALL initiative.

So as to align and coordinate Sustainable Bioenergy HIO activities with the broader SEforALL community the HIO Secretariat has developed collaborations with a diverse set of activities undertaken by the SEforALL Hubs as well as the broader bioenergy community.

Sustainable Bioenergy High Impact Initiatives

The HIO will provide overall structure and guidance, but it will be the HIIs and their projects that actually undertake the concrete tasks to meet the ambitions of the HIO. Sustainable Bioenergy High Impact Initiatives (HIIs) will seek to facilitate the development and deployment of sustainable bioenergy and may be organized according to specific principles, such as geographic area, policy area or technology platform. Over time the HIO will aim to expand the number of active participants via an open and inclusive basis, as well as seek to benefit from and develop relevant synergies with other SEforALL action areas.

The initial Co‐Chairs of the Steering Committee are FAO and Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials. The Initial Secretariat is sponsored Novozymes. With the Co-Chairs, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Carbon War Room, IEA Bioenergy, KLM – Royal Dutch Airline, Novozymes and UN Foundation are the Founding Members of the HIO who also serve as the members of the initial Steering Committee.

For more information about the Sustainable Bioenergy HIO, please contact
Dr. Gerard J. Ostheimer, Novozymes,, Mr. Olivier Dubois, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO),, or Barbara Bramble (RSB),