Compensation and Benefits Expert (Consultant) 

Closing date
07 Dec 2022
Human Resources
Duration of assignment
Terms to be discussed with the appointed expert. 
Contract type
Part-time Short-Term Consultant

Background About SEforALL 

Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) is an international organization working with leaders in government, the private sector and civil society to drive further, faster action toward achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), which calls for universal access to sustainable energy by 2030, and the Paris Agreement, which calls for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to limit climate warming to well below 2° Celsius (and striving for 1.5° Celsius). 

Achieving these goals will require a radical rethink of the way we produce, distribute and consume energy. SEforALL is at the heart of this foundational shift to ensure no one is left behind. Drawing on data and evidence, we identify a critical path to success in achieving SDG7. 

The 8th UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched the Sustainable Energy for All initiative in 2012. Now an independent organization, we maintain close links with the UN, including through a relationship agreement, partnerships with UN agencies and with SEforALL's CEO acting as the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative (SRSG) for Sustainable Energy for All and Co-Chair of UN-Energy. These roles include advising the UN Secretary General and his staff on issues relating to sustainable energy and the implementation of SDG7 and supporting the coordination of sustainable energy issues in the United Nations system.   

The ambitions of SDG7 are extraordinary. Aiming to achieve them in the context of the Paris Agreement on climate change involves transformation at a scale never undertaken before. Swift action must be taken by leaders in governments, private sector companies, institutions, financiers, development banks, unions, communities, entrepreneurs and civil society. As we enter the final decade to achieve SDG7, SEforALL has strategically chosen to strengthen global agenda-setting while expanding its activities to an engagement model that prioritizes data-driven decision-making, partnerships with high-impact countries and implementation on the ground. SEforALL’s current three-year business plan outlines “results offers” that scope out our planned interventions and demonstrate to our funding partners the impact of their support. 

Compensation and Benefits Project Background 

SEforALL was established as a Quasi-International Organization (QIO) under Austrian law, and is headquartered in Vienna. SEforALL’s governance structure consists of an Administrative Board which is SEforALL’s principal governing body, which also established a Funders’ Council, and the Leadership Council. The Administrative Board is defined its by laws and statutes . The Funders’ Council and the Leadership Council have their Terms of Reference, and all broadly seek to enhance the organization’s work.

SEforALL is led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is also the Co-Chair of UN-Energy and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All (SRSG).

SEforALL has satellite offices in New York City and Washington DC, USA; and a country office in Abuja, Nigeria. Additional staff are based in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Accra, Ghana, Nairobi, Kenya and Jakarta, Indonesia, with an expectation of more country-based assignments to occur in the future. Other staff are home based and could be located in any country in the world. Our staff complement consists of those on Limited Term contracts (LT) and those on consultants on Short Term contracts (STC). Most LTs are fulltime, whilst we have some fulltime STCs; most are parttime. These two categories of staff comprise the bulk of our SEforALL team, totalling close to 100 staff. SEforALL also benefits from the support of interns and secondees.

In 2020, SEforALL carried out an in-depth Job and Career Framework project to develop and establish a Job Grading Framework, Salary Structure, Career Pathways and SEforALL’s Competency Framework. SEforALL has recently experienced rapid exponential growth in its work programmes, accompanied by a rise in the human resources needed to implement the work. The staff complement has doubled from two years ago. Moreover, the increasing number of country-based and home based staff has generated a need to revise the initial approach to compensation, which is based on two salary scales depending on the duty station (Vienna, Austria or the United States of America). As a result, it has become necessary to review the organization’s compensation and benefits structure to ensure fit for purpose and one that promotes talent attraction, development and retention. Consequently, we seek a highly skilled individual Short Term Consultant (“STC”) with experience in reviewing, developing, proposing and implementing compensation and benefits structures in international organizations, especially with experience gained in the UN or similar system. Through a revised and enhanced approach to staff compensation, we aim at attracting the best talent and positioning our staff to effectively drive faster action of SEforALL’s work towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7).

The SEforALL Leadership Team is committed to a compensation and benefits framework that supports employee engagement, development and growth with pay for each job aligned to the incumbent’s responsibilities and level of contribution. SEforALL is committed to promoting long term staff retention and becoming the employer of choice in the energy access sector. 

Purpose/Objective of the Role 

SEforALL seeks a highly skilled and experienced individual consultant (STC) to: 

Review the current compensation and benefits structure inclusive of job titles, job grading framework, salary structure, career pathways and the competency framework; and 

Develop, propose and collaborate closely with the HR team to implement the changes to the organization’s new compensation and benefits structure. 


Scope of Work 

The STC will consider in the methodology, analysis, and proposals for a new compensation and benefits framework: salary scales, individual salaries of staff, geographic location of staff, tax implications, cost of living/post adjustment, exchange rates, benefits package, job grading framework, career pathways, job titles, and talent review amongst others. 

Key tasks will include, but not be limited to, the deliverables and Scope of Work listed below: 

  • In close consultation with the SEforALL CEO and Leadership Team, recommend the most suitable methodology and approach to deliver the Scope of Work. 
  • Develop a detailed implementation roadmap of the plan of work and deliverables for this project. 
  • Review the current compensation and benefits structure: develop a deep understanding of the current compensation and benefits environment, its positives and negatives through a range of means: 
  • Analyze current individual staff’s salaries and salary scales, grading framework, job titles etc 
  • Review necessary documentation such as organizational structure, Staff Handbook, employee contracts, benefits, job grading framework and career paths, salary structure, competencies framework, talent reviews, skills review etc. 
  • Interview the HR team and randomly selected managers and staff to understand their experiences and views regarding compensation and benefits: lessons learnt from the last two years’ implementation of the Job and Career Framework, and identify gaps.. 
  • Other value adding activities recommended by the successfully appointed STC. 
  • Benchmark SEforALL’s compensation and benefits structures with other international organizations, especially the UN system agencies. 
  • Assess pay competitiveness of current SEforALL rates against the external market to establish an effective reward framework. Advise and assist in determining the vendor to supply the benchmarking data to compare current salaries against the defined markets. The STC will also assist in developing the ToRs and be involved in the procurement process of the vendor. 
  • Formulate a compensation and benefits structure/s, with options appropriate for SEforALL going forwards. The framework shall include the job titling framework, job titles, job grading framework, salary structure, career pathways; and if so, the revised competency framework and other value adding activities recommended by the successfully appointed STC. 
  • Formulate an overarching SEforALL Reward Strategy/approach for communication internally and externally on the website careers’ pages and in job advertisements to attract talent. 
  • Review SEforALL’s Talent Review process (performance related pay system) to identify issues and/or opportunities to streamline and formulate a proposal for implementation or change. 
  • Develop a Financial Model reflecting the projected costs of implementing the new compensation and benefits structure, also considering optional structures. The Consultant and HR should coordinate with Finance to ensure the financial viability of the proposed recommendations. 
  • In close collaboration with HR team, present the new Compensation and Benefits Framework proposal and recommendations to the CEO and Leadership Team, followed by staff. 
  • Develop a detailed Action Plan to implement the new compensation and benefits structure, including materials and templates to be used during rollout and implementation. 
  • Collaborate closely with the HR team to implement the changes across the organization, monitor and incorporate feedback. 
  • SEforALL plans to establish an Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform across SEforALL functions in 2023. Collaborating closely with the Oracle consultant/s and SEforALL HR team, the STC is expected to operationally lead the configuration activities for the compensation and benefits module in alignment with the newly approved compensation and benefits framework. There will be a gap between implementing the activities #1 through #12 and input towards configuring the compensation and benefits HR module in Oracle ERP (task #13). 
  • At milestone intervals, prepare implementation progress reports to appraise the Leadership Team and the CEO on the project’s progress. 
  • Prepare and present a Post Implementation Activity and Review Report  

SEforALL has the following expectations in addition to the above. The STC shall: 

  • Develop and provide data and information that would further clarify or support the CEO and/or the Leadership Team’s decision making when determining the fit for purpose compensation and benefits framework for SEforALL. 
  • Apply the global best in class HR methodologies, approaches and analytics to support the decision making when choosing the applicable methods to fit the context and business of SEforALL. 
  • Identify and conduct due diligence on partners, where applicable that may have information to contribute to the development of this task. 
  • Provide expert level guidance and support in all phases as required by SEforALL through the assignment and in presenting the methodologies, approaches and recommendations, including plans for change management, to the CEO and Leadership Team. 
  • Prepare written reports, documents, presentations and infographics in consultation with HR for presentation to the CEO and the wider Leadership Team. 

Specific Competencies for the Role 

  • A minimum of 12 years’ experience as a consultant specializing in developing and implementing compensation and benefits frameworks for similar assignments in international organizations, especially the United Nations experience.        
  • A minimum of a Master’s degree or its equivalent in Human Resources Management, Compensation and Benefits/Reward Management, Performance Management, Business, Law, Information Technology, Accounting or other related disciplines.        
  • Solid knowledge of benefits practices, methodologies and strategies, with the ability to meet strict deadlines and work under pressure.        
  • Knowledge of international benefits legislation.       
  • Knowledge and experience in compensation benchmarking, survey techniques and other research.      
  • Knowledge of Oracle or other integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, preferably strong experience with Human Resource (HR) modules.        
  • Solid understanding of general HR best practices related to career management, performance management, staff engagement, motivation and the psychological contract, talent management, and employee and management development in a global setting. 
  • A good understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, notably SDG7, as well as the Paris Agreement.      
  • Ability to work independently and coordinate with other experts.        
  • High level skills in communication, negotiation and  project management.        
  • Excellent data analysis, visualization and presentation skills. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.     
  • Very advanced skills in the use of Excel, as well as competence in the other Microsoft Office applications, mainly Word, PowerPoint, Outlook. 

Application procedure 

Interested applicants must apply online by submitting, as one pdf document, a copy of their latest CV and a brief motivation letter indicating their availability (start date for the assignment, and the number of days the consultant will be available per week); and their expected daily fee in United States Dollars.  

Additional details on the assignment: 

Fee: The successful candidate will be offered an all-in daily rate determined depending on the successful candidate’s qualification and experience, and applying the principle of internal equity. 

Availability: As far as possible, the appointed STC is expected to work full-time to complete tasks #1 to #12 listed in the Scope of work. 

Approach: The STC will work to successfully complete the engagement, including all its deliverables, as outlined in the Scope of Work above in close coordination and continuous exchange with the SEforALL HR team. Weekly meetings will be arranged between the STC and the SEforALL project implementing team. Where applicable, the HR team will facilitate access to documentation, relevant SEforALL staff and other stakeholders as needed. 

Timeline: The Scope of Work tasks #1 to #12, should be completed within three (3) to four (4) months of contract signing, whilst tasks related to Oracle ERP configuration will be carried out later in the year 2023. 

Reporting: The selected STC shall report to SEforALL’s Director, Human Resources, for this assignment, with additional input and consultations with the SEforALL CEO and wider Leadership Team according to the pace of the project. 

Travel: There is no expectation of travel for the assignment. However, should there be a need for travel, SEforALL’s travel policy shall apply and the Director, HR will authorize. 

Our Values - please refer to our core values as defined here: 


Additional Considerations 

SEforALL offers exciting high-impact assignments, a collegial and creative work environment, and the opportunity for committed professionals to thrive and grow within flat hierarchies and in the pursuit of an inspiring mission. 

SEforALL provides competitive compensation packages at its locations in Vienna, Washington DC and New York City, and flexibility and result orientated modern workplace arrangements. 

Qualified female candidates and candidates from developing countries are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Applications received after the closing date will not be considered. 

SEforALL reserves the right to appoint a candidate at a level below the advertised level of the post. 


Your data will not be passed on to third parties outside SEforALL. We will only use your data to the extent necessary for the purposes of selecting personnel in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. 

We will only disclose your personal information if we are required to do so by a court´s or administrative authority´s decision. In such a case, we will inform you as soon as possible of such an order so that you can take legal action against it if necessary. Please email to if you require updates to your information in accordance with Art. 5 lit. d of the GDPR