The Global LPG Partnership (GLPGP) is a United Nations-backed, non-profit Public-Private Partnership formed in 2012, under the UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative, to aggregate and deploy global resources to help developing countries transition large populations rapidly and sustainably to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for cooking. This helps prevent the 4 million annual deaths, severe forest loss, and vast impact on women's and children’s time caused by the use of solid fuels for cooking.

GLPGP’s work includes:

  1. Collaboration with governments to create national plans for rapid, sustainable scale-up of LPG infrastructure, distribution and demand;
  2. Assisting with financing and implementation of key plan elements to transition the maximum viable population to LPG for cooking; and
  3. Empowering users, who cannot otherwise afford to switch to LPG, to pay the upfront cost of appliances to use LPG and thereby unlock additional demand.