Industrial Energy Accelerator

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The industrial sector accounts for about 37% of total needed energy consumption and around one third of the global GHG emissions, with 60% of the energy efficiency still to be realized. Not only will industry continue to remain one of the major final energy consuming sectors, but its share in the total global energy consumption will rise. In addition, it provides several distinct advantages and spin-offs at the individual enterprise level such as increased competitiveness, improved operational efficiencies and productivity, reduced material losses and solid waste, decreased water use, and improved product quality.

The Industrial Energy Accelerator aims to secure public commitments by governments, industrial corporations, trade associations, utilities, and financial institutions to drive the adoption of Energy Management Systems (EnMS), best practices and innovation in industry.

The Industrial Energy Accelerator forms a strategic network of alliances through which the energy efficiency message can be channeled, extended and augmented to reach a significantly larger number of industries. Through individual and group meetings, and alignment events, the network will be shaped to become a strong coalition promoting industrial energy efficiency, also drawing in the financial community.