Work Stream 1

Leave no one behind

Business-as-usual solutions are not working to deliver energy access to women and the most vulnerable, particularly those living in urban slums and rural parts of Africa and Asia.

In seeking to achieve the interlinked objectives of Sustainable Development Goal 7 and the Paris Agreement, it is necessary to consider new and innovative approaches to energy service delivery that specifically target these people and communities who are currently being left behind.

Developing new ways of working to deliver universal energy access by 2030 will require evidence on how the lack of energy access affects women and men differently and how to bring inclusive and equitable energy access to all. It requires demonstrating the potential development gains that can be accrued by providing women with access to energy, enabling participation in all aspects of decision making across the energy value chain and by assisting key stakeholders to scale up such approaches.

In an effort to realize these benefits, SEforALL has engaged partners to create a People-Centered Accelerator to advance gender equality, social inclusion and women’s empowerment in sustainable energy. One of the four goals of the Accelerator is to “enhance and extend the provision of sustainable modern energy to the very poorest people in society who will not be reached by business-as-usual approaches.”

Proposed Activities, 2018-21

Bundling energy and social services to increase energy access

The People-Centered Accelerator aims to work with partners to:

  • expand the research on how to develop innovative and effective social safety net bundles that would enable access to energy, drawing on existing social protection systems, digitalization tools and energy planning approaches that could help identify and target services towards the needs of target beneficiaries.

  • Investigate other subsidized measures or end-user finance options to deliver sustainable energy services to last mile consumers.

  • Investigate other subsidized measures or end-user finance options to deliver sustainable energy services to last mile consumers.

  • work with partners who can help raise awareness and support behavior change with policy makers and consumers and thus encourage the roll out and uptake of solutions that support access for target beneficiaries.

  • work with governments to develop policy, planning and regulations that provide “social safety net packages” that enable access for the most vulnerable and hardest to reach people.

Empowering women through access to and participation in the energy value chain

The People-Centered Accelerator aims to work with partners to:

  • promote strategies that enable the inclusion of women at every stage of the design, implementation, delivery and monitoring of energy services so those services respond to the needs of women.

  • encourage the development of innovative business models and business value propositions that help empower low income women to play an active role in energy service delivery and maintenance across the whole value chain.

  • work with governments to ensure that the policies and regulations are in place to support women’s entrepreneurship and business development by facilitating their access to best practice models and experience.

  • support organizations with successful approaches to business development, training and networks to take their interventions to scale.

  • work with financiers to highlight opportunities and develop innovative and appropriate financing solutions that can help open up new opportunities, and accelerate and scale successful business models that support women entrepreneurs as well as greater inclusion (e.g. through social safety net packages).

How can you get involved?
We would like to hear from stakeholders who are interested in engaging and supporting the People-Centered Accelerator and its mission. Broader, more diverse input will enable more inclusive perspectives and participation in the planning, design and delivery of energy services for all.