Nairobi women

People-Centered Accelerator

SEforALL serves as the Secretariat for the People-Centered Accelerator, a voluntary partnership of more than 45 organizations devoted to gender equality, social inclusion and women’s empowerment.

    Energy access is gendered. Due to differentiated (and unequal) societal standing and roles in communities and households, women and men use energy for different tasks. They value energy services differently. And they benefit differently from having access to those services.

    Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) believes in promoting the inclusion of women and the poorest people in society. Alongside efforts to achieve universal access to sustainable energy services, inclusion can help secure a just energy transition that leaves no one behind. Investment in women has a multiplier effect – they reinvest in their communities and society as a whole benefits.

    Along with our partners in the People-Centered Accelerator, SEforALL is working to:

    • Enhance and extend the provision of sustainable modern energy to the very poorest people in society, who will not be reached by business-as-usual approaches
    • Help unlock finance from private and public sources for gender-smart, socially inclusive approaches in the energy sector
    • Incorporate gender equality at the heart of the energy transition by enhancing women’s full participation in sustainable energy solutions at every level
    • Bring together and strengthen collaboration between a broad range of stakeholders to achieve these aims in the context of the People-Centered Accelerator’s workstreams and activities 

    Our partners