Consulting services for staff survey, HR review and skills assessment

Closing date
02 Aug 2021

In 2020, SEforALL developed a new and ambitious 3-year Business Plan 2021-2023 which necessitated the reorganisation of team structures to deliver on our programmes more effectively, resulting in the establishment of a new organizational team structure.

SEforALL currently employs some 60 plus full-time professionals, operating out of the SEforALL headquarters in Vienna, Austria, with smaller teams located in Washington DC and New York City.

SEforALL proposes to conduct a Staff Survey to understand the current organizational climate and gain insight into current staff sentiment; and carry out a review of skills capabilities across the organization to help and support the CEO and the Leadership Team to align capabilities and ways of working with the very ambitious work plan for 2021 and beyond.

To support this, SEforALL seeks the services of an independent organization(s) to carry out the following two tasks:

  1. Staff Survey: Develop and conduct an organization-wide employee survey. The survey should be designed to establish a baseline of employee sentiment, allow SEforALL to begin to track this over time by holding annual staff surveys and comparing results to previous years’ survey results and allow for all employees to have a mechanism for anonymous feedback.
  2. HR Review and Skills Assessment: Carry out an independent skills audit to determine job demands, current individual and team capabilities and alignment to need, potential for development of current employees to meet skills that are needed now, and skills that may be needed in the future (buy, build or borrow) and link findings to address the question of whether the current capabilities and SEforALL organizational structure are appropriate to delivering SEforALL’s three-year workplan.

Please submit your proposal all in one PDF format by Friday, 2 August 2021,17:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) to

Any questions should be submitted in written format directly to