Consulting Services: Women at the Forefront Technical Training Programme

Closing date
02 Apr 2021

To advance women's contribution to the energy workforce and build the skills necessary to grow their careers, a selected supplier will support women’s participation within a dedicated training programme in the energy sector. To avoid duplication of ongoing efforts, SEforALL will sponsor women to participate in current and ongoing technical training. Selected participants will have the opportunity to join the sustainable energy workforce and excel in their careers after attending any or all of the offered courses.

The consultant will deliver the services between 4 April 2021 and 31 May 2021, in each case in form and substance acceptable to SEforALL at its discretion.

1. Women identified for participation in course offerings.

  • Entry-Level Solar Training: at least 25 women
  • Advanced-Level Solar Training: at least 10 women
  • Energy Management Training: at least 10 women

2. Conduct training courses (online or in-person, depending on in-country COVID-19 restrictions at the time of execution).

3. Provide a report on final participation statistics and testimonial on lessons learned.

Bid deadline: Friday, 2 April 2021
by 17:00 Central European Time, Vienna, Austria.