Data collection application for Universal Energy Facility

Closing date
11 Oct 2021

Purpose of work

2020 marked the start of the final decade to achieve SDG7 – access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all – by 2030. The world is not on track and a renewed sense of urgency and new approaches are required.
Providing finance at the speed and scale needed to achieve SDG7 requires a paradigm shift towards results-based financing (RBF). RBF allows governments and donors to shift risk of delivery to the private sector, aggregates financing and scales support across multiple countries.

In 2020, SEforALL launched and operationalized the Universal Energy Facility (UEF), a multi- donor Results-Based Financing (RBF) facility, to speed and scale up new energy connections in Sub-Saharan Africa. The UEF provides incentive payments (i.e., grants) on a ‘results-based’ approach to selected eligible developers of off-grid energy solutions to provide verified electricity connections. In October 2020, the UEF was opened to mini-grid developers in Sierra Leone and Madagascar and in January 2021, the UEF opened in Benin. In the first quarter of 2022, the UEF expects to expand to Stand-Alone Solar for Productive Use, starting in Malawi.

In support of the UEF, SEforALL is implementing a robust verification process, which includes remote and on-ground verification to ensure the sites and connections comply with UEF technical specifications and a multi-faceted Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) framework as part of this process. Based on successfully completing the verification process, the project developers will receive the disbursement grants. Under this Procurement, SEforALL is seeking services of a provider of a mobile-based application tool for field data collection to support the verification agents in their onsite work. The app will serve to standardize the approach used to verify connections and to collect additional qualitative data on the impacts of electricity access on customers. The data collection will be conducted in Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Benin, and other countries as the UEF expands operations.

Scope of work

The mobile-based application should have the functionality to create a questionnaire and survey forms. It must be able to be linked via API and integrate with the UEF online Platform that SEforALL uses for the RBF application process, tracking of remote verification of connections for implemented projects (ie. Odyssey Energy Solutions). SEforALL will provide the verification questions and content to the selected service provider.

The tool should have the following capabilities:

  1. Accessible on mobile phones, tablets (Android and IOS) and web browsers compatible with the current versions of modern browsers (namely Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox but not limited to). The app, if possible, should be available for download in Google Play and Apple App Store.
  2. Allow for designing questionnaires and survey forms of various formats and types and for importing Excel-based forms from a computer. The surveys should be available to export in a format supported in Excel. Any other format will be further specified.
  3. Have a functionality to set up various permission levels to different users.
  4. 4Features such as Geo tagging.
  5. Designed to work in areas without internet connection and allow for synchronization with the online system when internet connectivity is restored.
  6. Allow for linking the app to the existing web based UEF Platform (Odyssey Energy Solutions) via API.
  7. Reporting that includes total users and summary results generated using the tool. The reports should be available for download in Excel format or as a PDF.
  8. The app should be customizable to add branding/logos as per SEforALL’s requirements.
  9. The user interface should be available in English and French language, the possibility to add other languages is an advantage.
  10. The service provider shall ensure privacy and security of the Client’s data. The service provider shall not share data with third parties and shall make best endeavors against loss of data.

Contract period

18 October 2021 to 31 December 2022. Please state monthly or annual costs for subscription fees.


Services Timeline

  1. Platform services and maintenance for the duration of the subscription (incl. functionality of designing questionnaires and survey forms, data collection, generating reports and statistics) - Ongoing
  2. Tool maintenance plan/ Service Level Agreement (SLA) - On a per need basis
  3. Back-end report that includes total users and summary results generated using the tool - Monthly


The project will be managed by the UEF/RBF team and deliverables will be approved by the Programme Manager of the UEF.

  • The service provider must have personnel with a high-level English proficiency and excellent interpersonal skills, able to work flexibly, responsive, and accurate.
  • The service provider must offer a bug tracker platform for maintenance and support SLAs for continuous maintenance and support.
  • Experience working with international organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank, or other similar development organizations preferred.
  • Open-source solutions preferred.
  • Please include links to web apps developed and customized in the past for review.

How to Apply

Owners of a pre-existing app wishing to submit a proposal should ensure the following points are present in their proposal (either in a PDF or PPT format):

  • Features and specifications of the mobile application tool, addressing all 10 requirements listed under the scope of work
  • Information on the possibility of an API integration with existing web based UEF Platform (Odyssey Energy Solutions)
  • Portfolio: Information on previous customizations and clients
  • Financial Proposal: Budget which should include
    • the subscription cost (please specify the number of users/devices, number of survey forms that can be created, number of monthly submissions/uploads, storage capacity) and,
    • if applicable, cost of API integration and app setup
    • if applicable, cost of customized branding on the tool
  • Information on app maintenance and data back up
  • Information on when the app was developed, and other analytics such as number of downloads (if applicable)
  • Information on the parent organization of the app and the organization’s portfolio

Please submit your proposal to by 11th October 2021, 17:00PM Central European Time. In case of questions or queries contact SEforALL at