Managed IT Support and Maintenance

Closing date
08 Dec 2021


SEforALL is seeking a competent and client-oriented partner to manage SEforALL’s IT needs on an on-going basis, including managing cloud accounts, corresponding with cloud vendors and ISP to resolve issues, data backup & disaster recovery, to support users and provide IT system problem solving and improvement.

Scope of work 

The successful partner will engage with SEforALL to provide the following support:

  1. Provide IT Helpdesk service with ticketing to manage incidents. Response SLA is proposed for 2 hours and resolution SLA of 24 hours or provide a workaround within 24 hours.
  2. Provide remote support over, email, call, remote desktop with one monthly onsite visit to the Vienna Office.
  3. Provide data backup and disaster recovery
  4. Managing cloud accounts (E.g., Office365, email, SharePoint…) Manage admin and user accounts using a role, permissions, profile structure with restricted access to regular accounts in accordance with industry standards
  5. Spam protection
  6. Manage and prepare computers and accounts for new staff, including installing necessary standard software like Office Suite, Endpoint protection.
  7. Network management (monitoring, WAN/LAN, Wireless APs, firewall, security, switches)
  8. Directory services management
  9. Troubleshoot issues with hardware or software.
  10. Repair hardware if possible or engage in securing replacement hardware under guarantees.
  11. Set up printers and troubleshoot printer issues.
  12. Troubleshoot anti-virus issues and train staff on best practices.
  13. Troubleshoot first level network issues and escalate with ISP where needed
  14. Setup, maintain and troubleshoot WIFI Access Points issues.
  15. Connect to maintain and troubleshoot ethernet/wired network to support workstations docks and devices.
  16. Provide advice on the procurement of hardware, software, and accessories. SEforALL coordinates the procurement.
  17. Help install and uninstall software on computers or other devices as requested.
  18. Provide support and advice to improve SEforALL IT systems and so that SEforALL can take over basic system administrator functions.
  19. Train new staff on the technologies as needed basis to be coordinated on day of monthly site visit. Training topics such as how to best utilize Microsoft Share point, Frequently Asked Questions, etc.

SEforALL seeks to have a monthly package for the vendor to provide 40 hours of monthly support service and one site visit a month to the Vienna office. If SEforALL does not use all the 40 hours it will be credited for future months, so no hours will be lost if there is less usage in a month. Payment terms to be on a quarterly basis for a period of 3 months for a total of 120.

Travel time for onsite visits to the SEforALL Vienna office is excluded from the contract.

Contract period

The contract is expected to run for 2 years from the date of signature.


The vendor will be reporting to Director of Operations of SEforALL

Organization Requirements:

  • Must have been in business for a minimum of ten years in providing IT support and systems management services.
  • Must have at least one IT systems management contract with an international organization, such as United Nations, World Bank, or a non-governmental organization (NGOs)
  • Must have a strong remote support capacity for Vienna and Washington DC based staff, traveling staff.
  • Vendor must be based in Vienna, Austria.

Team Requirements:

The successful vendor would have the following criteria:

Key Personnel

Head of IT/Senior Consultant

  • Must have five years’ experience in senior management capacity level of providing of services including overseeing and managing all technology operations for the company; and supervising IT personnel such as technicians, computer programmers, and other IT personnel.
  • Must have 10 years’ experience in IT support and systems management.
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, network engineering or closely related field.
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Professional Certifications highly preferred

IT Technician (Help Support Desk)

  • Must have 3 years’ experience in providing IT Support and systems management such as setting up computers, installing software, developing, and maintaining local networks, and troubleshooting for users, and resolving IT helpdesk requests.
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Professional Certifications highly preferred

Bidding Process

Proposals must include the following (in either PDF or PPT format):

Technical Proposal:

  • Company Profile & Relevant Experience
  • Proposed expert/team with CV. Bidders are required to attach the CVs of the staff dedicated to this service.
  • At least 3 relevant client references

Financial Proposal: Provide a financial cost proposal for the services listed by hourly rate, assume 40 hours monthly and provide quote.

Please submit your proposal to by 8 December 2021, 17:00PM Central European Time. In case of questions or queries contact SEforALL at