Project Management Services to Support the Electrification of 5 Hospitals in Sierra Leone with Renewable Energy Solutions

Closing date
21 Nov 2022
Duration of assignment
Nov. 2022- Aug. 2023

Background and Context  

Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) is an international organisation working with leaders in government, the private sector and civil society to drive further, faster action toward achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), which calls for universal access to sustainable energy by 2030, and the Paris Agreement, which calls for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to limit climate warming to well below 2° Celsius.    

Achieving these goals will require a radical rethink of the way we produce, distribute, and consume energy. SEforALL is at the heart of this foundational shift to ensure no one is left behind. Drawing on data and evidence, we identify a critical path to success in achieving SDG7.    

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched the Sustainable Energy for All initiative in 2011. Now an independent organization, we maintain close links with the UN, including through a relationship agreement, partnerships with UN agencies and with SEforALL's CEO acting as the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Sustainable Energy for All and Co-Chair of UN-Energy. These roles include advising the UN Secretary General and his staff on issues relating to sustainable energy and the implementation of SDG7 and supporting the coordination of sustainable energy issues in the United Nations system.   

The ambitions of SDG7 are extraordinary. Aiming to achieve them in the context of the Paris Agreement on climate change involves transformation at a scale never undertaken before. Swift action must be taken by leaders in governments, private sector companies, institutions, financiers, development banks, unions, communities, entrepreneurs and civil society. As we enter the final decade to achieve SDG7, SEforALL has strategically chosen to strengthen global agenda-setting while expanding its activities to an engagement model that prioritizes data-driven decision-making, partnerships with high-impact countries and implementation on the ground. The new SEforALL three-year business plan outlines work programmes that scope out our planned interventions and demonstrate to our funding partners the impact of their support.  


Powering Healthcare in Sierra Leone:  

Health service delivery in Sierra Leone remains hampered by a lack of reliable electricity access in health facilities. This impacts health facilities at all levels, with several key hospitals still unconnected to the national grid. Those hospitals that are connected to a grid continue to suffer from frequent power outages. 

With support from FCDO and the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP), SEforALL has been leading on the development of a ‘Market Assessment & Roadmap’ for the sustainable electrification of social infrastructure, most notable in the health and education sector. This resource is expected to be completed and published by the end of 2022. As part of this assignment, SEforALL commissioned detailed energy audits in 27 institutions, including in 7 key hospitals. These energy audits further showed the energy gap in hospitals (both on-grid and off-grid) and the opportunity to address this gap with renewable energy solutions (i.e. solar PV with storage). 

Following on these needs assessments, SEforALL has developed a project to electrify 5 key hospitals in Sierra Leone with renewable energy solutions. The selected hospitals are: Ola During Children’s Hospital (co-located with PCMH), Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (co-located with ODCH), Masanga Hospital, Kambia Government Hospital, and Bonthe Government Hospital. To carry out the implementation, SEforALL will contract an EPC Contractor to carry out the following scope of work: 

  • Validation of technical specification (Nov-Dec) 
  • Development of final bill of quantity (Dec) 
  • Procurement of key components (Jan-Mar) 
  • Preparatory civil works (Feb-Apr) 
  • Installations of renewable energy solutions (Apr-Jun) 
  • Training of key stakeholders (June) 



SEforALL’s Powering Healthcare (PHC) team is seeking the services of a Project Management Firm (the “consultancy”) to provide oversight and direct day support to a project that will electrify 5 hospitals in Sierra Leone with renewable energy solutions. The Project Management Firm will be responsible to ensure it is completed as per the agreed work plan and to ensure it meets national and international quality standards. 


Scope of Work  

Under the supervision of SEforALL’s Programme Manager for Powering Healthcare, the role of the Consultancy will be to support a new project under SEforALL’s Powering Healthcare programme called Powering Sierra Leone’s Hospitals. The Consultancy will provide the following services: 

Project Management 

  • Day-to-day management support to the selected EPC contractor and other project stakeholders, including: the project funder, the Ministry of Health & Sanitation, Hospital Administrators, and additional firms that will support the project with monitoring and evaluation and/or communications. 
  • Liaise between the different stakeholders, including SEforALL, the selected EPC vendor, the project funder, and all relevant public sector stakeholders (national and district). This will include keeping strong and positive relationships with key project stakeholders at the national level (e.g., at Ministry of Health & Sanitation) and at the district level (community leaders, hospital administrators). 
  • Scope Management: all stakeholders understand the project scope and it’s on track. All goals are aligned. 
  • Human Resource & Asset Management, including ensuring the availability and adequate acquisition of resources. 
  • Maintain a Risk and Issues Register to keep track of all potential issues and risks. 
  • Prepare and submit Weekly and Monthly Reports 
  • Support the EPC vendor, SEforALL, and the project funder in obtaining duty and tax exemptions for the importation and clearance of renewable energy components. 

Technical Support 

  • Review the proposed designs by the contractor  
  • Review the EPC Contractor’s data sheets of the proposed materials  
  • Review the EPC contractor’s QA/QC plan and agree on the inspection plan  
  • Review of the EPC contractor’s Health and Safety Plan 
  • Validate key project milestones for the EPC contractor, including: 
  • Technical specification and installation plans 
  • Bill of quantity and other procurement-related documents 
  • Civil works and other pre-installation construction and preparatory work at the target facilities 
  • Technical evaluation of completed renewable energy installations, incl. verification against national and international standards and best practices 
  • Produce a punch list at the completion of the works and working with the contractor to ensure proper sign off and close out on the same 

Project Communication Management 

  • Develop and implement a ‘project visibility’ strategy, ensuring that the project objectives and scope are well understood by sector stakeholders. This will include leading the organisation of a kick-off event and a closing event as well as the development of project collateral (e.g. factsheets). This will also include project visibility at site-level (e.g. sign posts and community-level meetings to foster project buy-in).  
  • Prepare and conduct weekly and monthly meetings and agenda (ad-hoc as an when the need arises) 
  • Participate in a Project Steering Committee that SEforALL will set up, including representatives of other key stakeholders (including government agenc(ies)). 
  • Submission of Monthly Project Plan updates that map out the stages of the work, objectives, contact information, team members, deliverables/tasks and owners assigned 

Impact Monitoring & Evaluation 

  • Design and implement a monitoring and evaluation plan, including a pre/post assessment as well as capturing early impact indicators (quantitative & qualitative) 
  • Contract and manager a third party for a project-wide evaluation to be carried out by an Independent Organisation at key stages of the project. The independent third party willed be recruited in accordance with SEforALL’s procurement policy, with SEforALL being a part of the evaluation committee. 
  • Review and advise on works carried out by contractors and consultants 
  • Provide oversight on the conducting of commissioning tests by the EPC contractor and relevant government agency. 
  • Carry monthly safety audits on the project 


  • Develop an overview of different long-term sustainability opportunities – aimed at donor agencies, public sector, and private sector stakeholders – to keep power solutions maintained and functional beyond the scope of the current project. 

Project Closure 

  • Work Plan - Complete all work plan/deliverables according to project plan and scope 
  • Project Management Processes - All processes have been executed, project completed within time and budget  
  • Project Documentation and Contracts - Review all documentation project handover sign offs and invoices. Hand over data room and archiving of all project documentation (contracts, project plans, costs, schedules, technical data, etc) 


Approach, Timeline, and Deliverables 

Approach: The selected Consultancy will report to the SEforALL Powering Healthcare team and will work closely with other SEforALL teams such as Communications and Monitoring & Evaluation. 

The selected Consultancy should make a concerted effort to mainstream gender considerations throughout this assignment. This includes following gender parity when looking for candidates. Furthermore, the organization/consortium is expected to implement a 40:60 female to male ratio in their team (if applicable) and submit a copy of gender policies followed by the organization. 

Timeline and Deliverable(s): The projected timeline for this assignment is November 2022- August 2023  



Indicative Timeline   

Project kick-off meeting with key stakeholders 

Within 1 month of contract start 

Validation of technical specifications for all selected hospitals    

Within 1 month of contract start 

(est. and depending on EPC contractor) 

Validation of bill of quantity and other procurement-related documents for all selected hospitals 

Within 2 months of contract start 

(est. and depending on EPC contractor) 

Project visibility strategy developed and approved by SEforALL 

Within 2 months of contract start 

MEL strategy developed and approved by SEforALL  

Within 2 months of contract start 

Successfully supported EPC contractor and project funder in clearing all internationally procured goods with tax and duty waivers     

Within 5 months of contract start 

(est. and depending on EPC contractor) 

Verification of pre-installation civil works and other preparatory works at the selected hospitals 

Within 6 months of contract start 

(est. and depending on EPC contractor) 

Technical evaluation of completed renewable energy installations  

Within 8 or 9 months of contract start 

(est. and depending on EPC contractor) 

Site commissioning event  Within 9 months of contract start 
Closing event  Within 10 months of contract start 
Final report, incl. M&E outcome  Within 10 months of contract start 



The Consultancy is expected to travel as needed to the project sites.  


Qualification and Expertise 

Organizations wishing to submit a proposal should:  

  • Must have been operational for at least 5 years. 
  • Must have a in country ground presence and footprint in Sierra Leone, with a demonstrated ability to legally operate in Sierra Leone in accordance with the Companies (Amendment) Act 2014 , the consultant must also retain in-country presence for the duration of the assignment 
  • The firm must act and staff this assignment in accordance with the Local Content Agency Act, 2016 
  • Demonstrate experience in project management of large-scale infrastructure projects, preferably in the energy sector. 
  • Have experience managing multi-stakeholder projects.   
  • Demonstrate experience managing relationships with key stakeholders in the Energy and Health sectors, including the national Government, relevant Ministries Health, Energy, Local Government, development partners, and private sector actors.  
  • Demonstrate experience delivering high-quality reports and other written products.  
  • Demonstrate experience producing content suitable for external communication, for example donor reports and presentations.  
  • Must have engineers involved in the installation of large solar PV systems (e.g. 100 kWp and above), with experience on lithium-ion storage solutions. 
  • The core team must be proficient in the English language: read, write and speak 
  • Must possess all relevant skills in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project)  


At a minimum, the Organization must identify the following key roles: 

Team Lead: 

  • A Master's degree, in business, finance, public administration, public policy, or a related discipline is preferred or an engineering Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in a relevant field such as water resources, civil, mechanical, electrical or renewable.  
  • Certified and accredited Project Manager PRINCE 2 or PMP or similar is highly preferred  
  • Demonstrate at least 8 years of relevant work experience in project management  
  • Demonstrate at least 3 years of experience in working on infrastructure (e.g., energy, health) projects 
  • Must be proficient in the English language: read, write and speak 

Solar PV engineer:

  • An engineering bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in a relevant field such as water resources, civil, mechanical, electrical, or renewable.  
  • Demonstrate at least 5 years of relevant work experience in large-scale solar PV solutions (e.g., generation, deployment, storage) 
  • Must be proficient in the English language: read, write and speak 

M&E expert:

  • A Master's degree, in business, finance, public administration, public policy, or a related discipline is preferred and must have a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, public administration, public policy, or a related discipline 
  • Demonstrate at least 5 years of relevant work experience in project management, particularly in monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment.  
  • Must be proficient in the English language: read, write and speak 


Bidding Process 

Interested organizations can submit proposal(s) as a single entity or as a consortium. Proposals must include the following (in either PDF or PPT format):  

Technical Proposal  

  • Brief background about your organization and the year it was founded and incorporated 
  • The organization’s eligibility to carry out this assignment in Sierra Leone. 
  • The organization’s experience in carrying out similar work in Sierra Leone with a special focus on demonstrating technical and/engineering expertise in the management of large-scale infrastructure projects. 
  • Submit an organization chart/Project Team members to manage the project, including assigned roles, relevant experience, and expected level of effort. 
  • Project Management approach: Your understanding of the assignment and a work approach/methodology including any proposed changes to the scope of work. The plan must also have a Gantt chart outlining activities and timing, including a short narrative on key milestones and sub-activities.  
  • Three (3) organizational references from Africa, in the last three years  
  • Relevant skills, qualification, knowledge, and experience of the individuals in the team that match those set out above. Detailed CVs of key personnel who will be involved in the project including the level of effort each team member is expected to undertake  

Financial Proposal, outlining the costs (in USD) associated with carrying out the scope of work, including: 

  • Labour costs (personnel, daily rates, LOE, number of days) 
  • Travel costs 
  • Equipment costs 
  • Other costs 

Bidders are requested to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Terms of payment will be decided upon selection of a consultant  


How to Apply 

Please submit your proposal to by 21 November 2022, 23:59PM Central European Time. In case of questions or queries contact SEforALL at