ToR - Media Training Services

Closing date
20 Jan 2023


I. General Information  

Background: In September 2011, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon launched the Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) initiative as a global partnership platform that was to promote and support new collaborative approaches for governments, business and civil society to work together in making sustainable energy for all a reality by 2030 – as set out in Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7).    

Set up as a multi-stakeholder platform, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) aims to contribute towards three interlinked objectives: (i) ensure universal access to modern energy services; (ii) double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency; and (iii) double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.  In working towards these goals, SEforALL engages with leaders across the world, empowering them to broker the partnerships and to unlock the finance necessary for a radical energy transformation in their countries, sectors or regions.  

SEforALL works by marshalling the evidence about what works and what doesn’t; benchmarking the progress made across countries and pointing to it; amplifying the voices of the energy poor and others who need to be engaged for a global movement to emerge; telling the stories of success to offer motivation where inertia is settling; and connecting leaders with each other and the ideas and innovation they need to move forward. Find out more at   

Context of Assignment: With just seven years left to achieve its goal, 2022 is a critical year for SEforALL. To help us move the dial, we are working on three important initiatives designed to help us reach a broader audience and to drive tangible global commitments that will help us achieve the SDG7 targets. Under the umbrella of a three-year strategy, SEforALL focuses on advocacy and, for the first time, country engagement that is expected to lead to tangible results and impact.    

The CEO of SEforALL is also the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Sustainable Energy and in this capacity SEforALL has a unique relationship with the UN, serving as the UN’s global champioin and thought leader on Sustainable Energy. This role provides SEforALL with significant convening power, influence and the trust of stakeholders and partners. SEforALL utilizes key events throughout the year that includes the UN General Assembly in September and the annual Conference of Parties (COP) hosted by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to convene strategic partners, to mobilize resources and financing, and to elevate energy access into the global climate agenda.    

With increasing on-the-ground presence in Sub-Saharan Africa in Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sierra Leone, SEforALL is beginning to build a significant pipeline of projects that will help to decrease the current electricity access gap in the region, decrease the use of cooking with hazardous fuels and support countries in their ambition to transition to cleaner energy solutions that are aligned with the global net-zero agenda.    

This media training is organized for the key spokespersons based in Austria and the US, as well as Kenya, Nigeria and Sierra Leone who are driving SEforALL’s work at the global as wel las regional levels, to empower them to have greater impact, undertake media interviews with impactful results and to create a strong presence within the region.    

Priority Audiences for SEforALL in 2023: SEforALL seeks to reach key stakeholders from the energy sector and beyond who can help move SDG7 action forward.  These include: government decision-makers from African (the Global South) and donor countries, national and regional development institutions, development banks and funds, international organizations, UN Agencies, the private sector, rural electrification agencies, developers, academia, think-tanks, the media, NGOs, energy and climate philanthropies, civil society organizations, women’s grassroots organizations, youth and youth organizations. 

II. Objective and Scope of Work 

We are a highly motivated, creative and ambitious team focused on achieving SDG7. We want to empower our spokespeople to clearly message our objectives in media interviews and to articulate our objectives in-country and globally in a manner that connects with local audiences.    

We are looking to engage the services of a suitably qualified and experienced communications professional company specialized in media training to provide in-person media training in Vienna, Austria, to further SEforALL Communications overall mission and objectives.  

Scope of Work 

The company should provide the following services: 

a. Develop Media Training Plans for in-person sessions in for SEforALL spokespersons: One day/ half daytraining with staff in-person in Vienna, Austria 

b. Training would ideally include these areas, with full setup: 

  1. Background on the local and global media landscape – how they are structured and how they work 

  1. Key skills that apply to all interview types (maintain control of messaging in tough interviews) 

  1. Developing an elevator pitch, crafting messages into sound bytes, ensuring key messages are clearly articulated 

  1. Tips on delivering effective presentations 

  1. How to conduct different types of interviews – face to face interviews, telephone interviews, on-camera interviews 

 c. Analysis and follow-up on training.  


III. Duration of Services: 

Number of days would include pre-training prep; one day  or half day of training on 1st February; and delivery of analysis post-training. 


IV. Location 

Training is expected to be held on 1st February 2023 in Sofitel, Vienna.  


V. Deliverables, Timeline and Approach     



Agreed workplan/timeline on deliverables  

23 January  

Develop media training plan  

27 January 

1 or half day of media training for a group of 20-25 spokespeople; with full-setup. Half day training will be held from 9 AM CET – 12.30PM CET on 1 February 2023  


Analysis and follow-up 

9 February 


Approach: The service provider will work for the successful completion of the Project, including all its deliverables, as outlined in the Scope of Work above in close coordination and continuous exchange with the SEforALL team. The service provider will maintain close contact with a designated SEforALL focal point throughout the assignment who will facilitate access to the systems, documentation, relevant SEforALL staff and other partners as needed.  

The service provider must make a concerted effort to mainstream gender considerations throughout this assignment. If possible, the firm is also expected to implement at least a 40:60 female to male ratio in their team and to submit a copy of any gender policies they follow. 


Reporting and Project Management

The service provider will report directly to the SEforALL Director of Communications.  


VII. Qualification and Expertise

Interested bidders wishing to submit a proposal should have:   

  • Must be in the sector with a minimum of 5 years working for major media outlets. 

  • Media Training experience in remote and digital formats is required 

  • Experience providing media training to experts or high-ranking officials in international organizations or Civil Society/NGOs is a must 

  • Ability to handle multiple priorities in an organized and efficient manner is an advantage 

  • Experience working with international multi-cultural environment and with international organizations, the public sector and leading private sector companies is a must 

  • Demonstrated experience in development advocacy would be an advantage 

  • Minimum experience of 5 years in providing similar services 

  • Provision of equipment (camera, mics…) and staff required  

  • Demonstratable experience in Campaign, PR and Communications services with a significant portfolio. 

  • An awareness of sustainability practices, International workforce law and GDPR rules is an advantage   

  • Lead Supervisor/Project Manager must be fluent in English. Staff should be able to communicate in a sufficient level of English. The training must be provided in English  


VIII. Bidding Process 

Proposals can be submitted using your own format; however, the technical and financial proposal must be in separate documents and the proposal must include the following: 

  • Technical Proposal: 

  • Cover page, including the organisation’s name, address, and contact information. 

  • Brief background about your organisation as well as details of relevant work experiences. 

  • Portfolio of similar projects and works that are similar to the elements within the Scope of Work for this engagement. 

  • Bidder’s understanding of the assignment, including any proposed changes to the scope of work, timeline, and engagement approach. Identification of key risks, and potential mitigants, should be outlined. 

  • A project plan that includes planning of activities 

  • Three (3) organizational/client references from the last three years 

  • Key personnel CVs of a gender balanced team, with CVs preferably no more than two pages each. 

  • Gender Policy. 

  • A Financial Proposal, outlining the costs associated with carrying out the scope of work, including: 

  • Labour costs (personnel, daily rates, number of days) 

  • Other costs 

  • Travel cost (if applicable) 

  • Costs may be in USD or Euro. 

  • The Financial Proposal should be on a capped-cost basis (time and material), inclusive of all/any taxes. 

Bid submitted without above documents will not be considered.  


Evaluation, Conflict of Interest, and Terms of Payment 

  • Bidders are requested to disclose and explain any potential conflicts of interest  

  • Terms of payment at SEforALL follow a deliverable based framework. The breakdown of the milestone payments will be prescribed in consultation with the selected service provider as part of the contract formulation. 

  • The evaluation of proposals will be based on an 70 – 30 split for technical proposal and financial proposal, respectively. The technical assessment is divided between Comprehension of the Project, Technical Capacity, Experience, and Personnel (team), as well as Approach and Methodology.  


Please submit your proposal by 20 January 2023, 15:00 Central European Time (CET) to  Any questions, should be submitted in written format directly to