Dec 15, 2017: Our 2017 year in review shows lots of action and progress from SEforALL and our partners on a sustainable energy future, but big challenges remain.
Dec 08, 2017: The Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) and partners have published a new guide to help governments design supportive off-grid solar policies and regulations.
Dec 07, 2017: Strong international support for the Kigali Amendment is a big step for limiting global warming.
Nov 30, 2017: A new Climatescope 2017 report shows that while lower-cost solar technologies are gaining traction in emerging markets, weak policy frameworks and lackluster financing are preventing bigger energy access gains using solar.
Nov 27, 2017:  SEforALL network grows after multiple new partnership signings during COP23.
Nov 22, 2017: In a new op-ed for Devex, SEforALL CEO and SRSG, Rachel Kyte, argues why fossil fuels cannot solve energy poverty and why countries around the world are committing to phase out coal.
Nov 22, 2017: The UN Climate Conference produced important gains, but climate and energy access challenges are as big as ever.
Nov 17, 2017: "Why Wait" report quantifies benefits of using renewable energy to accelerate electricity access.
Nov 16, 2017: New report urges greater use of decentralized renewable energy as quicker, less costly option. Also reveals evidence of significant black carbon emission reductions.
Nov 16, 2017: Why Wait? presents a first-of-its-kind framework to understand and quantify dividends that countries can be expect by providing access to electricity earlier compared to conventional approaches. The report uses Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Kenya as examples to show how the framework can be used.