The white paper "Power for All - The Energy Access Imperative" is a call to a different action for the policymakers, stakeholders, entrepreneurs and customers engaged in driving universal energy access for the billions of people without reliable power. Power for All is an initiative of d.light, a for-profit social enterprise that manufactures and distributes solar lighting and power products to the developing world. Originally founded in 2006 to combat kerosene, d.light has sold over 6 million solar products in 62 countries, improving the lives of more than 33 million people. Over the course of eight years in market, d.light has experienced the ability of small-scale, distributed renewable energy solutions to transform the way people all over the world can access and pay for power. This report, authored by Donn Tice, Chairman and CEO of d.light, and Kristina Skierka, Strategic Advisor to d.light, is a reflection of the company's insights and experience in creating new freedoms for customers without access to reliable power, so they can enjoy a brighter future.

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