Empowering women & youth

The energy transition is an opportunity to make the world more equal and inclusive

Ensuring everyone has access to sufficient clean energy is an opportunity to reduce gender-based inequalities. Both clean cooking and electricity access are proven to benefit women by creating employment opportunities and reducing drudgery, the risk of gender-based violence and exposure to indoor air pollution. 

Meanwhile, the energy sector is behind others in terms of a gender-balanced workforce, with only 32 percent of employees being women. Promoting women’s full participation in the energy transition allows them to benefit equally from economic opportunities, and drives more inclusive decision-making. 

Today’s youth can thrive through direct involvement in the energy sector and through the many economic opportunities access to energy creates. This opportunity underlines the importance of engaging youth voices in diplomacy and policy development on energy and climate change. 

Gender and Youth programme

Our Gender and Youth programme provides women and youth with internship, mentorship and technical training opportunities to advance their careers and skills in the energy sector and prepare them for leadership roles. 

We also elevate women and youth as visible leaders of Sustainable Development Goal 7 and climate action through sponsorships to attend and speak at key industry events. 

The inclusion of women, youth and marginalized groups is also an essential component of every project we design across all of our programmes.