Creating jobs

Energy powers economic activity and job creation for local populations

As a country’s energy system grows, it directly employs local people. And as energy access is expanded to provide reliable power, this allows businesses and industries to grow, creating even more jobs.  

It’s estimated that each direct energy job unlocks two more informal jobs and five productive use jobs. Meanwhile, investments in clean energy are estimated to produce 3.5 times more jobs than the same investments in fossil fuels.  

Our work contributes to clean energy development that enables job-creating productive uses. For example, we direct grants to energy projects that connect businesses, markets, shopping malls, cold-storage facilities, clinics, schools, and other community infrastructure.  

We also support countries to localize the manufacturing of renewable energy technologies they rely upon to improve energy access, leading to a wealth of local jobs.  

To ensure, women and youth benefit equally from the growing clean energy sector, we offer them internship, mentorship and technical training opportunities to advance their careers and skills in the sector, and to prepare them for leadership roles.