Women at the Forefront

Women at the Forefront

This programme identifies, supports and champions the next generation of female energy leaders to close the access gap and ensure that no one is left behind in the energy transition.

The energy sector is behind others in terms of a gender-balanced workforce. A recent IRENA survey of the renewable energy workforce highlighted that only 32 percent of employees are women. Additionally, women working in the energy sector tend to lack access to support networks, role models and champions to help advance their career as well as public and company policies to help them realize their goals. Equal gender representation in the workforce leads to increases in GDP, better corporate performance and improved innovation. 

We cannot hope to meet our SDG7 goals without women’s professional contribution to the sustainable energy transition. Our work challenges current barriers to workforce participation and will identify, support and champion the next generation of female energy leaders to close the access gap and ensure that no one is left behind in the energy transition. 

Our Women at the Forefront programme will undertake four strategic activities to champion female energy leaders:

Internship programme: a sustained matchmaking network to establish employment-focused internships preparing young women for careers in the sustainable energy sector.

Mentorship programme: a series of programmes matching energy access professionals with mentors to foster personal capacity building, increase sector knowledge, and build personal networks.

Technical training: a network to offer certifications, customized training and capacity development courses for women in the sustainable energy workforce.  

Sponsored participation: a commitment to elevating women as visible leaders of SDG7 through sponsored funding to attend and speak at key industry events.

Expected outcomes

  • Over the next three years, 1,750 young women will be trained in the skills needed to enter the energy access workforce and drive female participation; strong mentorship programmes will expand the professional networks of 650 women and build their capacity; about 1,750 women will receive technical training and capacity development courses to advance their energy sector careers and expand equal representation in the workforce.
  • The voices of women at the forefront of the energy access challenge will be amplified by sponsoring event participation and speaking engagements.
  • The Women at the Forefront programme is a respected professional brand within the sustainable energy sector.