Careers in Sustainable Energy: International Development


This handbook has been developed to help those interested in pursuing a career in sustainable energy discover the roles on offer at SEforALL and the steps they need to take to begin their sustainable energy career journey. It is designed to assist diverse groups of young people at different levels of the educational system, and at varying stages of their career journeys — from students in secondary and tertiary levels of education, to young professionals in entry and mid-career stages of employment.

The purpose of this handbook is to: 

  • Highlight career opportunities for young professionals in the sustainable energy sector.
  • Increase awareness among young people of career pathways and opportunities in the international development space, including examples of careers within the broader SEforALL organizational structure
  • Guide and serve as a reference for young people on the skills and education requirements they need to have to pursue career opportunities in the sustainable energy sector.
  • Amplify the lived experiences and testimonials of other young people who have worked with SEforALL across the globe.


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