The UK needs to maintain its commitment to greener growth amid turbulence following the country’s referendum vote to leave the European Union, Rachel Kyte, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and CEO of Sustainable Energy for All, tells the Guardian.

Kyte, speaking before the appointment of Theresa May as the UK’s new Prime Minister, said generating more energy from cleaner sources would boost jobs and the economy at a time of uncertainty, and help poorer people the most.

“This is about bringing better services, better quality services and jobs to the communities in this country that desperately need it,” she said.

“Just because 52% of the population voted in a referendum to leave [the EU] doesn’t mean that we throw out our plans for growth and development, [including] commitment to a greener growth which benefits poorer people as much as it does the rest of the country.”

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Kyte also spoke to Climate Home; read more here.


Photo Credit: A new floating solar farm being grid connected on Godley Reservoir in Hyde, Manchester - Ashley Cooper/Alamy