Asian Clean Energy Forum. Session 3.4: Enabling Conditions and Drivers for Energy Efficiency

11:00 UTC
15 Jun 2023
00:30 UTC
15 Jun 2023

This session focuses on accelerating energy efficiency efforts in Asia through market integration, policy interventions, civil society engagement, and investment mobilization.

A speaker from USAID India's program, "Market Integration and Transformation for Energy Efficiency" (MAITREE), will describe the interconnected challenges of cooling and building energy efficiency. Attendees will learn about the program's activities in creating and expanding new markets for energy-efficient buildings and cooling, facilitating the uptake of cutting-edge technologies, and promoting end-user engagement.

A speaker from CLASP will focus on the importance of minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) and energy labels in transitioning markets towards more energy-efficient products. Participants will learn about the variations in energy efficiency standards and regulations for appliances across Asian countries and the need for a regional compliance framework to facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and market protection.

A speaker from ADB will address the urgent need for enhanced actions and policies to decarbonize the buildings and construction sector in Asia and provide insights into the evolving policy landscape and priority areas for sectoral decarbonization.

A speaker from EnergyLab will explore the role of civil society organizations (CSOs) in promoting energy awareness and implementing energy efficiency solutions, presenting case studies from the Mekong region that showcase partnerships between CSO (civil society organizations) and private-sector companies for implementation of energy-efficiency solutions and awareness-raising activities.

Finally, a speaker from Mission Efficiency will address the challenges and opportunities in mobilizing public and private investments for energy efficiency.