Cement Decarbonization in Nigeria

09:30 WAT
28 Mar 2024
13:00 WAT
28 Mar 2024

Nigeria’s cement industry is a crucial sector, but it contributes significantly to greenhouse emissions. Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan provides the sector-by-sector pathways towards Nigeria’s Net Zero target. In the plan, the Industry sector represents 16% of total in-scope emissions, half of which are attributed to cement production. 

Over the past few weeks, Nigeria’s Energy Transition Office has been working diligently with our partners to delve into the critical topic of cement decarbonization in Nigeria. The culmination of this effort will be a comprehensive webinar on March 28th. This webinar will focus on sharing insights from a cement decarbonization study sponsored by the UK FCDO's Manufacturing Africa programme, in collaboration with Nigeria’s Council on Climate Change and Sustainable Energy For All.

The study, carried out over the past 8 weeks aimed to understand the opportunities for accelerating decarbonization in the Nigerian cement industry, especially leveraging waste-to-energy opportunities.

The insights from the study cover

  • the potential emissions reduction impact of various decarbonization levers,
  • the waste-to-energy opportunity including potential projects and commercial value propositions for the cement industry
  • a high level view on actions stakeholders need to take to implement the required waste-to-energy projects to further decarbonize the cement industry.