Deep Dive Workshop: Regional Leadership on Sustainable Cooling and the COP28 Global Cooling Pledge - Asia Clean Energy Forum

14:00 CET
15 Jun 2023
17:30 CET
15 Jun 2023

In a warming world access to sustainable cooling is a key climate mitigation and adaptation strategy - reducing emissions, providing protection from heat stress, enabling productive work, supporting human well-being, reducing food loss, and enhancing access to healthcare and medicines. Yet over 3 billion people lack access to sustainable cooling solutions and cooling already accounts for over 7% of global emissions. As a top driver of global energy demand in Asia in the coming decades, this challenge must be met now with demonstrated leadership from countries, cities, and the private sector.

With support from the Cool Coalition, SEforALL and IRENA, the UAE COP 28 Presidency is championing the development of the Global Cooling Pledge, which will serve as an opportunity for ADB Developing Member Countries to demonstrate leadership and showcase solutions at COP 28. In partnership with the ADB, the UK Government and UNEP, this session will highlight recent regional leadership on sustainable cooling policy, innovation, finance, and technology across Asia-Pacific, and also to provide a forum for participants to shape and learn more about the Global Cooling Pledge.


  1. To discuss innovative technologies, new opportunities and partnerships that can deliver results for sustainable cooling.
  2. To explore country actions on sustainable cooling and offer insights into policies that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the cooling sector.
  3. To discuss the COP 28 Global Cooling Pledge and why it is necessary for Asia-Pacific to take active leadership.