Energy Action Forum

14:00 EDT
22 Sep 2019
18:00 EDT
22 Sep 2019
Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice, New York

The Energy Action Forum is a convening of high-level stakeholders demonstrating a leap in collective ambition to progress on the Energy Transition Track within the UN Climate Action Summit, co-led by Denmark, Ethiopia and Sustainable Energy for All in collaboration with the UN Climate Action Summit Team.

The event is connected to the following day’s UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit, which aims to showcase a leap in collective national political ambition and demonstrate massive movements in the real economy to meet the climate challenge and accelerate actions to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

The energy transition will be one of the most important and difficult challenges to overcome. Governments, businesses, finance institutions, international organisations and civil society are working on powerful initiatives. To achieve ambitious targets and deliver at scale, we are in dire need of collective action and brain power.

As such, 200 key stakeholders have been carefully selected to participate in the focused and action-oriented Energy Action Forum. We will form an unprecedented coalition of stakeholders at the highest level showing their commitment to act on the Paris Agreement and the energy transition. The core objectives of the workshop are to (1) gather the most important stakeholders in the energy transition to push the agenda forward; (2) expand and accelerate the most ambitious initiative for the energy transition; and (3) potentially announce new transformational projects and commitments that will support and accelerate the global energy transition.

UN Energy Transition Track coalition members are Denmark, Ethiopia, Palau, Italy, Indonesia, Colombia, Morocco, Sustainable Energy for All, International Energy Agency, International Renewable Energy Agency, and the World Bank.

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