Financing for access to cooling solutions

15:00 CET
30 Apr 2020
16:00 CET
30 Apr 2020

Over 1 billion people are at high risk due to a lack of access to cooling. As a nascent issue, financing for access to cooling solutions for these vulnerable groups is a significant challenge. The diversity of cooling access needs—from those of large wealthy companies to those of poor rural populations; from large buildings to urban slums to rural huts; from human comfort to cold chains for food and vaccines— requires a range of financial products, instruments, and approaches to deliver specific solutions.

Join us on 30 April for a webinar that details these challenges and the financial instruments that can be used to overcome them.


  • Alan Miller, Senior Climate Finance and Policy Consultant
  • Helen Picot, Program Manager, Access to Cooling and Strengthening for Efficiency, Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program
  • Olivia Coldrey, Lead, Energy Finance, Sustainable Energy for All


Financing for access to cooling solutions