Launch of Nigeria's Energy Transition Plan

14:00 WAT
24 Aug 2022
15:45 WAT
24 Aug 2022

The public launch of the Nigeria Energy Transition Plan will showcase the country’s pathway to achieving net-zero emissions by 2060 and their leadership role in enabling a just and equitable climate future for Africa, with the ultimate objective of mobilizing the finance required to jumpstart implementation of the Plan. Specifically, this global launch will achieve the following objectives:

  • Highlight Nigeria’s commitment and ambition in achieving carbon neutrality while also ending energy poverty, which will lift 100 million people out of poverty, drive economic growth, and bring modern energy services to the entire population; 
  • Create awareness to drive demand in other African countries by emphasizing the need for data-driven country-level energy transition plans in order to achieve a just, inclusive and equitable energy transition for all ahead of the ‘African COP’ hosted by Egypt;
  • Mobilize new partners by showcasing existing support for data-driven energy transition planning from international partners, including Sustainable Energy for All, The World Bank, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet; 
  • Mobilize investors and the private sector by showcasing concrete projects to deliver the transition goals while creating significant market opportunities
  • Announce new opportunities for solar energy companies to obtain results-based finance from the Universal Energy Facility as part of a new financing window focused on supporting Stand-Alone Solar for Productive Use.

Draft Agenda

Time (WAT)*  
14:00 – 14:30 SECTION 1: Welcome & Opening Remarks by Nigerian Ministers and International Organization Supporters
Nigeria is ready to set in motion a pathway towards a just and equitable energy transition. With tools and structures in place, the country also needs the support of international partners to make this plan a reality.
14:30 – 14:50 SECTION 2: Remarks from Stakeholders from Nigeria and Other African Countries
Nigeria’s story offers a potential model for other African countries to address their energy access challenges and transition to a clean energy future. Success is possible if countries learn from and lean on each other.
14:50– 15:12 SECTION 3: Remarks from Private Sector and Investment Community
Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan presents an opportunity for the private sector to step up and make a difference and be pioneers in creating new markets.
15:12-15:26 SECTION 4: Remarks from Global Leaders
This bold and ambitious plan has international backing from UN agencies and DFIs who are committed to making it a success.
15:26 – 15:40 SECTION 5: Global Launch of Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan
His Excellency Prof. Yemi Osinbajo will officially launch Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan as well as announce new opportunities for solar energy companies to obtain results-based finance from the Universal Energy Facility. This will reiterate the commitment made by His Excellency President Buhari at COP26 that the country recognizes the importance of a just and equitable clean energy transition, ensuring future generations inherit the planet they deserve. 
15:40-15:45 CLOSING

*Times are stated in West Africa Time (WAT). The event start time in Austria (CET) is 15:00 and in New York (EDT) is 09:00.