Launch of the Chilling Prospects 2020 report and This Is Cool campaign - Side Event to the Meeting of the Open Ended Working Group of the Montreal Protocol

12:00 CEST
16 Jul 2020
13:00 CEST
16 Jul 2020

In 2018, the Cooling for All Secretariat launched the groundbreaking Chilling Prospects series to track and quantify the magnitude of the global access to cooling challenge and call for new and sustained action to address the issue. In partnership with the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP), the series updates global access to cooling gaps each year and profiles new challenges and opportunities to deliver sustainable Cooling for All.

This year’s update will provide new data trends for access to cooling gaps and profile the productivity penalty of a lack of access to cooling. It will also detail the impacts of COVID-19 on delivering access to cooling and strategies to Recover Better with Cooling for All.

With these significant challenges present, 2020 must be the year of solutions. To support this, the Cooling for All Secretariat will launch the #ThisIsCool communication campaign to enable partners to share sustainable cooling solutions with the world and to support sustained global momentum. Building on the Cooling for All Needs Assessment launched in 2019, this installment of Chilling Prospects discusses how to categorize sustainable cooling solutions and sets a path to optimizing those solutions in the Cooling for All Solutions Assessment toolkit that will launch late 2020.

A second launch event was held on 16 July, 6 pm CEST.