Second dialogue of the COP26 Energy Transition Council (ETC) in Morocco

10:30 WEST
16 Jul 2021
13:15 WEST
16 Jul 2021

Investment in Morocco’s energy transition within the framework of the advanced regionalisation


One of the key campaigns of COP26 focuses on energy transitions, aiming to shift electricity generation away from coal and to accelerate the deployment of clean power solutions, including more flexible green grids, storage and grid/demand-side efficiency.

To support this process, the UK COP26 Presidency has convened an Energy Transition Council (ETC), including major development finance institutions, intergovernmental agencies and major climate funds. The ETC is co-chaired by SEforALL.

During 2021, the ETC is holding a series of dialogues with emerging economies facing a range of energy transition challenges to identify potential areas for greater international collaboration to address these.

Objectives of the second ETC dialogue in Morocco 

  • Present the strategic insights of the New Development Model regarding the energy transition in Morocco
  • Highlight the role and the importance of the private investments in decentralized production to provide access to competitive electricity in the territories and cities

By invitation only.