SEforALL at UNGA77

All day
20 Sep 2022
All day
23 Sep 2022

SEforALL will be hosting and participating in a number of events on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) high-level week.

Breakfast Briefing: Progress on Shaping an Africa-led Just and Equitable Energy Transition

Tuesday, 20 September 2022 | New York City

The global energy transition has become part of mainstream efforts to shift away from fossil fuels. There is an increasing realization that progress needs to be made by adjusting energy transition pathways to the needs of each region and country. In Africa, the clean energy transition will be different than energy transitions being discussed in other parts of the world. Most importantly, it will include a recognition that universal energy access, industrialization and economic development all need to be part of the energy transition. The Kigali Communiqué agreed by 10 African countries at the SEforALL Global Forum (Kigali, May 2022) provides an important outline of the seven transformative actions needed for a just and equitable energy transition to take place in Africa.

Ahead of COP27, where the Presidency has indicated its intent to highlight the importance of an African-defined just and equitable energy transition, this invite-only breakfast briefing will provide Ministers and Representatives from Permanent Missions with an update on this issue that has begun to build momentum since the Kigali Communique in May.

Roundtable: Private Sector, Finance and Government

Wednesday, 21 September 2022 | New York City

For the 733 million people in the world who lack access to electricity, the introduction of clean energy solutions can bring vital services such as improved healthcare, better education, creating new jobs, livelihoods and sustainable economic value to reduce poverty.

An energy revolution based on renewables and energy efficiency is urgently needed not just to accelerate economic progress and development, but also to slash emissions that are rapidly warming our planet.

This invite-only roundtable will bring high-level private and concessional financiers together with high-ranking members of governments that have submitted an Energy Compact. This is aimed at bridging the gap between supply and demand for electricity and clean cooking access finance and investment opportunities, and increasing awareness of the business opportunity presented in the Compacts, and encourage increased participation by financiers to support their implementation.

Clean Energy Ministerial: UN Energy Compact Side-Event

Friday, 23 September 2022 | Pittsburgh

UN-Energy, the United Nations coordinating body that brings together 29 UN system and international organizations with sustainable energy profiles, is supporting stakeholders to achieve their sustainable energy goals via the Energy Compacts. Energy Compacts are voluntary commitments on SDG7, open to all stakeholders from Member States to companies, cities, NGOs, and more. Since its launch, UN-Energy has received over 200 Compacts, including over 35 from member states, over 55 from the private sector.

This session, hosted as part of the Clean Energy Ministerial, will demonstrate how this UN mechanism can advance the global decarbonization movement, in sectors ranging from MSMEs and rural productive use applications to energy efficiency applications across sectors and regions. This session will showcase government action, coordination coalition approaches, private sector led campaigns and civil society leadership.

The Energy Compact process is an open and continuous one, with a call for action for additional partners to join the network.