This Is Cool campaign

Take action with the This Is Cool campaign


Our This Is Cool campaign is a celebration of what can be done and is a response to the Chilling Prospects findings.

It aims to bring greater awareness of the solutions and aims to show what can be done across the world to make sustainable cooling for all a reality. Whether you’re a policymaker, organisation, government employee, company or individual, you can help to make affordable and sustainable cooling for all a reality by taking part in this campaign today.

Three simple actions you can take

1. Rethink your approach to cooling

Our Cooling For All resources include assessment tools to help you reconsider your cooling choices to improve lives, reduce emissions and be more efficient.

2. Spread the word about our campaign

Use our toolkit to start a conversation about the importance of sustainable cooling for all and the impact it will have on high risk communities across the world.

3. Learn why sustainable cooling is so important

Ensure you know why sustainable cooling matters and understand why it is so important to build a stronger, more resilient world.

Visit This Is Cool website