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Universal Energy Facility partners with Mionwa to power thousands of households, businesses in Benin through mini-grids

USD 886,816 in funding will support electrification projects benefitting over 7,000 people in Sinlita, Gbowele and Don Akadjamey  

Mionwa, a subsidiary of OnePower PTY LTD, based in Benin, is the latest energy developer to sign a grant agreement with the Universal Energy Facility (UEF) – a multi-donor results-based financing facility managed by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL).  

The USD 886,816 funding agreement will support the construction of three solar mini-grids in the communities of Sinlita, Gbowele and Don Akadjamey in Benin. Over the next six months, Mionwa aims to construct and commission their mini-grids with an estimated 0.254 MW of renewable energy capacity. Moreover, the funding agreement will facilitate the deployment of nearly 1,500 connections benefiting over 7,000 people with new or improved access to electricity. 

Currently, businesses and economic activities in the project communities mostly run on highly polluting energy sources, such as diesel generators. The deployment of clean energy solutions will help reduce reliance on fossil fuels while powering new socio-economic development, particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), including women-led businesses. 

“The Universal Energy Facility is committed to providing not just electricity but a sustainable lifeline for progress. By prioritizing the productive use of energy, we aim to fuel economic development, empower local businesses, and improve overall quality of life. This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to forging a brighter, cleaner future for these communities and underscores the transformative power of sustainable energy solutions," said Anita Otubu, Senior Director of the UEF. 

“We are thrilled to contribute to the joint endeavor of establishing a more resilient, connected, and electrified Benin as we embark on the electrification journey of these communities. This grant acts as a catalyst for significant change, and we are grateful to be a part of it," said Matthew Orosz, CEO,  OnePower Lesotho


In Benin, there is a notable contrast in electricity accessibility, with urban residents experiencing a rate of 70 percent compared to only 18 percent for those residing in rural areas, leaving approximately 5 million people without access to electricity. The cost of clean and sustainable energy sources, such as solar devices and home systems designed for off-grid households, poses a significant challenge for low- and medium-income families, as highlighted by the European Investment Bank.  

In response to this challenge, and in alignment with the government's initiative to significantly expand power connectivity, the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) initiated its mini-grid programme in the Republic of Benin in October 2020, which is implemented jointly by the UEF and GIZ. 

“With this grant, our programme aims to support innovation and sustainable solutions, while at the same time showcasing the collaboration between the UEF, a pan-African results-based financing facility, and the GIZ Green People’s Energy, a technical assistance programme. By making clean energy widely accessible and supporting the use of decentralized renewable energy, we want to catalyse enduring positive change for the communities we serve and their environment,” said Razvan Sandru, Project Manager at GIZ. “Let this collaboration show the way to a more sustainable and equitable future, where the advantages of clean energy are widely accessible."