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Women’s Month clean cooking spotlight – Granny Mmantho Lesiamang


Granny Mmantho Lesiamang, participant of the Women in Clean Cooking Mentorship Programme


My name is Granny Mmantho Lesiamang, and I'm very passionate about sustainable energy solutions, particularly those that solve for the eminent, everyday issues that people in our rural and suburban communities face. My academic background is in Engineering and Economics, having graduated cum laude with a double major in Mining Engineering and Economics. I’m currently the Managing Director of a company I co-founded - Clauseph Biofuels - in Botswana, where we're tackling climate change and energy poverty through providing clean cooking solutions.

What motivated you to participate in the Women in Clean Cooking Mentorship Programme?

I joined the Women in Clean Cooking mentorship programme to deepen my understanding of clean cooking solutions, to grow my network and to enhance our impact at Clauseph Biofuels. I believe that access to clean cooking is crucial for women's empowerment and sustainable development, and I was eager to be part of a programme that had clean cooking as a niche.

How has your experience as part of the Women in Clean Cooking Mentorship Programme contributed to your personal and professional growth?

The mentorship programme has been transformative, both personally and professionally. It has expanded my knowledge and network in the clean cooking sector, allowing me to bring new insights and strategies to our work at Clauseph Biofuels. It also put me in contact with an incredible mentor who is always a text away and is always willing to discuss and review our work.

What is one key insight you gained during your time in the Women in Clean Cooking Mentorship Programme?

One key insight from the mentorship programme is the importance of collaboration and networking in driving change. I met my mentor in person in Vienna at the IVECF, and that was such a pivotal moment as we discussed my expectations in person, and what her role will be. She also introduced me to a lot of people in her network, financiers and people who have advanced further in the kind of work I am doing.

How have you used your experience from the programme to contribute to the empowerment of women at the local, national or international levels?

Our work has always been centred on women and youth empowerment and my experience from the mentorship programme just taught me how to better advocate for that and reflect it. We're actively involving women and youth in our project, creating employment opportunities, and promoting gender equality in all facets of operations.

What advice would you give to women and youth who aspire to build a career in sustainable energy?

My advice to women and youth aspiring to build a career in sustainable energy is to be passionate, persistent, and proactive. Seek out mentorship, be open to feedback and criticism, continuously learn and innovate, and never underestimate the impact you can make.


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