Daniel Magallon

Managing Director, Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy

Daniel Magallon is a sustainable energy technology, financial, and market specialist with several years of experience working for public and private organizations. Since 2007, he directs BASE’s work, a Swiss-based organization focused on developing innovative business models and financing instruments to mobilize investment and financing to sustainable energy and climate change solutions. His work has been mainly focused on developing market-based business models and financial instruments (green credit lines, green equity funds, risk mitigation instruments.

Some of the business models and financial structures for EE cooling systems where Daniel has been participating (in the concept origination and implementation) includes the Cooling as a Service (CaaS) model, On-wage financing for EE cooling (targeting households), on-bill financing (targeting households),  Energy Savings Insurance (SMEs), and Revolving Funds for Public buildings. Daniel has been implementing projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and Europe.

Daniel Magallon is currently an advisory board member of “GreenMap”, is co-founder of Global Infrastructure Basel, and advisory board member of Fundacion EcoPartnersBank.

Member of the Global Panel on Access to Cooling


Cooling for All