Marcel Alers

Global Head of Energy, UNDP

Marcel Alers is UNDP’s Global Head of Energy. Marcel is an experienced development professional and has many years of experience in environmental and energy management. He first joined UNDP in 1999, focusing on GEF funded project development and developed a significant portfolio of clean energy projects, including a large number of energy efficiency projects in particular in the buildings sector. After leading UNDP’s programming in the area of sustainable energy for many years, since 2018 he has been UNDP’s Global Head of Energy, focusing on energy policy and strategy.

Prior to joining UNDP, Marcel worked as a senior environmental specialist at the African Development Bank with a special focus on energy and infrastructure. Before that, he managed several sustainable forest and protected area management projects in Cote d’Ivoire and in several Central African countries.

Member of the Global Panel on Access to Cooling


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