Yi Jiang

Director, Building Energy Research Center of Tsinghua University, China

Yi Jiang is a Professor of Tsinghua University, Head of the Building Energy Research Center, and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Prof. Jiang has been a faculty member of Tsinghua University since 1985.

He has been involved in a number of international collaboration projects such as IEA (International Energy Agency) Annex 21, 25, 34, 53 and 59. He is also a member of China’s Energy Advisory Committee under the State Council, and a member of China’s Climate Change Advisory Committee. His major research field is building energy efficiency. He is the chief editor of the annual reports of building energy efficiency in China.

He received four national science awards for controls of district heating system, liquid desiccant air-process, indirect evaporative cooling, and building energy simulation (DeST).


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