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International Relations and Special Projects

Our International Relations and Special Projects programme engages in major global coalitions and fora, including those of the G20 and the UNFCCC COP processes, to advocate for greater commitment to a just and equitable clean energy development and guide strategies for international cooperation. 


The world will not achieve its net-zero 2050 target without first achieving universal access to energy.  In addition, slow progress on SDG7 is compromising the world’s ability to achieve all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. To create a more sustainable and equitable world for future generations, energy access and efficiency need to be a priority on today’s global agenda. Momentum at the international level can translate to stronger political will and commitments at a regional or national level.

Meanwhile, our relationship with the UN gives us invaluable access to leaders in government, who we work with to develop new projects that will support specific energy-related goals.


  • Build awareness that energy access and a clean energy transition are critical to the overall sustainable development agenda, including fighting climate change, among global leaders.
  • Provide analytical support and coordination to international efforts towards a clean energy transition.
  • Develop targeted support for countries, drawing on topical expertise from across our various programmes.

Projects and initiatives

  • Energy Transition Council
  • G20 Energy Transition Working Groups
  • Increasing Energy Access in Sierra Leone
  • Unlocking clean, affordable, reliable electricity in Small lsland Developing States (SIDS)
  • Joint work programme with ASEAN Centre for Energy
  • Task Force for Africa-Europe Cooperation through the Africa Europe Foundation