Sustainable Energy for All Forum Report - 2018

Forum report

In 2018, Sustainable Energy Forum was held for the forth time. The forum took place in Lisbon, Portugal May 2-3, 2018 under the theme "Leaving No One Behind".

7 Forum Takeaways

1. There is progress on most of the SDG7 objectives, but nowhere near fast enough to achieve universal energy access goals by 2030.

2. We see that political commitment and inclusive strategies to provide universal and reliable access to electricity pay off.

3. Institutions, financial markets and development finance are behind where they need to be to drive the energy transition at speed and scale.

4. The sustainable energy systems of the future are no longer just about electrons, but about energy as a set of services that deliver prosperity, reliable health care, education, and business opportunities.

5. Cooling is no longer seen as a comfort issue but is now recognized as an emerging life issue.

6. The most vulnerable groups, including last mile populations, refugees and displaced persons, require tailored assistance programs.

7. The sustainable energy movement has come a long way and is maturing.