Here we provide an overview of the 2021 Financial Statements. Please see the Financial Audit Report 2021 for more details.

In the financial year to 31 December 2021, new revenue from donors was USD 14.3 million. In addition, there was revenue of USD 22.3 million deferred from previous years, giving a total of USD 36.6 million. Of this, USD 10.6 million was utilized for net operating expenditures, with the balance of USD 26 million deferred until future periods.

New revenue from donors in 2021 represents new contracts that were signed during 2021. Out of 2021’s new revenue of USD 14.3 million, 32 percent was from government, or public, sources, 64 percent from international organizations and foundations, and 4 percent came from corporations.

Percentage of total 2021 expenditures by programme

New income sources 2021