Our values

Our staff is committed to a common set of professional values that underline every aspect of our work:

Motivation and passion: We understand and are driven by the scale and urgency of the SDG7 challenge and by the vision and mission of SEforALL. We demonstrate a high degree of motivation, passion, and commitment to set, meet and exceed common goals. We can motivate others and have high persuasive power.

Diversity and inclusion: We value the differences that others have in terms of ideas, perspectives, culture and other factors, and treat all individuals equitably and respectfully. We embrace and encourage diversity in the workplace and adapt our working behaviour to one appropriate to a culturally diverse environment. We are dedicated to ensuring equitable opportunities for all. We ensure everyone is empowered to speak up and that their perspectives are genuinely heard.

Continuous learning and improvement: We strive to learn and develop constantly as well as to share knowledge actively. We value learning from others and actively seek feedback and self-reflection. We seize opportunities to update professional knowledge and keep ourselves updated to ensure continuous development.

Commitment to sustainable development: We are driven by the desire to promote sustainable development and build a sustainable and liveable future for the next generations. We commit openly and concretely to social progress, environmental balance, and economic growth. We are strongly motivated to play an active role in mobilizing efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change and access to energy while ensuring that no one is left behind.

How to raise a concern  

SEforALL has a specific email address that an individual can use to contact us confidentially (and anonymously should they wish) about any unethical / illegal conduct / safeguarding / whistleblowing issues: hotline@seforall.org

Only the Compliance Officer has access to this email.