Our Career Framework

SEforALL has developed and adopted its own Job and Career Framework, that aims at supporting the selection of the best talent to join the organization as well as creating clear career pathways for SEforALL staff. The overall goal of this approach is to bring more transparency to our people practices and placing SEforALL as an employer of choice for professionals in the energy and development space.  

The framework has been created based on SEforALL’s culture and needs and referring to best HR practices. It includes a job grading structure and a competency framework. These are used as guiding tools for our HR processes and practices. Please see below for more details on our grading structure and our competency framework. 

SEforALL Grading Structure 

SEforALL’s grading structure is unique and is not comparable to the grading structure adopted by other international organisations. This grading system comprises of 3 career paths and 10 overall levels , as shown in the graph below: 


The career paths cluster different types of roles based on the type of tasks, the level of independency and responsibility, the expertise required and the strategical impact on the organization. They can be briefly described as follows: 

  • Management roles: Includes leadership roles with responsibility for an organisational unit, a function or a programme with leadership and project management responsibilities. Responsibilities typically include people management as well as controlling, developing and implementing processes, tasks and products in the context of the strategic orientation of the organisation.  

  • Specialist roles: They require a specialized knowledge and skills to enable SEforALL’s mission. Specialist roles are typically assigned complex tasks that go beyond standard tasks and can have a direct impact on the design and delivery of SEforALL’s programmes. 

  • Programme Support roles: Programme support roles focus on supporting SEforALL’s teams and programmes at various levels and they are crucial to enable SEforALL’s work to progress smoothly. These roles focus more on tasks that are operational, administrative or technical in nature, with opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in one or more areas of work.  


SEforALL Competency Framework 

The overall Job and Career Framework is completed by the SEforALL Competency Framework. This includes core values, core competencies, core functional-technical competencies that are required for any job at SEforALL. The Competency Framework provides clarity on the competencies required and expected at each job level, and therefore constitutes an important tool for us to recruit the right talent as well as for SEforALL staff to succeed in their role and build their career within the organization.  


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