Our recruitment process

In order to achieve our strategic goals and contribute to the achievement of SDG 7 by 2030, SEforALL is committed to attracting and working with passionate and talented individuals who strive to promote sustainable development, contribute to social progress, environmental balance and economic growth, ensuring that nobody is left behind.  

To ensure that our recruitment process reflects SEforALL core values, we are committed to an open, competitive and inclusive recruitment process that provides candidates with equal opportunities to demonstrate their experience, skills, and expertise.  

Among other things, this means that: 

  • Vacancies are advertised on our website and social media for at least 2 weeks 

  • All candidates are encouraged to apply 

  • We encourage applications from women and underrepresented communities 

  • As part of the application questions, we collect data on gender, age and nationality, to track diversity in our applicants and ensure the whole process is fair and inclusive 

  • We always inform all candidates of their application’s outcome  

Accountability and transparency are key values that are upheld within the organization, and that also inform our recruitment process. We aim at ensuring that candidates have an excellent experience throughout the process, which includes ensuring that they are given sufficient information and guidance on the various stages and related expectations.  

If you are interested in joining SEforALL, we encourage you to get familiar with our recruitment process, briefly described below. 


The recruitment and selection process at SEforALL 

The SEforALL recruitment process entails 5 main stages and typically lasts about 8-10 weeks. In addition to diversity, inclusivity, transparency, accountability and fairness SEforALL is committed to ensuring that the recruitment process remains efficient and enjoyable for candidates. In order to ensure accessibility and equal opportunities, the process is conducted entirely remotely.  




Applying to a vacancy 

SEforALL job posting are advertised through our Website, Bamboo HR, Devex, LinkedIn, Impactpool and social media for a period of typically 2 weeks.  

If you see on our website or on another platform a vacancy at SEforALL that sparks your interest, we encourage you to read carefully the full job description and check in detail what are the minimum requirements of the role. Should you meet the minimum requirements, we recommend that you update your CV to best highlight your experience and achievements relevant for the role.  

To increase efficiency, SEforALL has no standardized application templates or cover letter requirements as part of the application process. Instead, the hiring team for each vacancy prepares set of application questions that provide the candidate with an opportunity to showcase their expertise and knowledge on the respective topic when applying to a vacancy. We therefore recommend that you analyse and critically answer these application questions, as the answers complement the candidate’s CV during the screening process.  

Screening phase 

A key principle guiding our recruitment process is ensuring every application is screened carefully and fairly. We therefore do not adopt an automated prescreening tool. All applications are screened by the hiring team or by the HR team rather through AI. The shortlist of candidates is always finalized by the hiring manager for the role, to ensure only candidates who meet all criteria, particularly from a technical point of view, are progressed to the next stage.  

Once the shortlist is confirmed, the HR team ensures that all candidates who applied and were not shortlisted receive a formal notification on the outcomes. Please note that, due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are not in a position to provide specific feedback to applicants who were not shortlisted for the role. 


If a candidate passes the screening process, they will be contacted by the SEforALL Human Resources Team for an interview. Interviews are a core and vital part of the recruitment process, since they give candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities in detail. Every recruitment process will therefore entail at least one round of interviews. For some roles, the hiring team can decide to have more than one round of interviews, bringing the best candidate(s) forward after each round. 

To ensure fairness and reduce bias, as well as to allow the candidate to meet team members and other staff, interviews at SEforALL are conducted by panels that are diverse and include panelists from the hiring team as well as an HR representative. Candidates are given a chance to demonstrate their skills and suitability for the role through a structured interview approach that entails a set of questions that can be technical and/or behavioural and that are asked to all candidates. Decisions on the outcomes of the interview are taken collectively by the panel. 

For some vacancies, candidates may also be asked to provide samples of their work or be invited to written assignments that are used as a screening tool or complement their interview performance. These tasks are anonymized and graded following strict evaluation matrices to ensure a fair assessment.  


As a result of the selection process, the strongest candidate(s) are progressed to the next and final stage of the process, which entails reference checks. We ask candidates to provide the contact details of individuals they have interacted with in the past (colleagues, supervisors, clients, etc.) that the HR team reaches out to collect feedback and make sure the candidate is a good fit into our organizational culture and embodies our values  

Once reference checks are successfully completed and we have selected the best candidate, there is no need for us to wait any longer for them to join our team! So we proceed with sending a fair offer in line with the SEforALL Career framework, and upon acceptance we start the onboarding process.