Working for SEforALL

SEforALL offers exciting high-impact assignments, a collegial and creative work environment, and the opportunity for committed professionals to thrive and grow within flat hierarchies and in the pursuit of an inspiring mission. SEforALL provides competitive compensation packages at its locations in Vienna, Abuja, Washington DC and New York City, and flexibility and result-orientated modern workplace arrangements. 

Performance management

To sustain staff growth and careers in a fair and equitable way, SEforALL has adopted performance management processes that aim at ensuring staff receive regular feedback on their performance.  This includes a fully fledged year-end appraisal process for all staff, whose results serve as a basis for decisions related to reward and career progression. Underpinning our performance management processes is the SEforALL Job and Career framework, which serves as a tool to ensure a more fair and equitable approach to assessing performance. The overall goal of the organization is to create a performance-driven system to reward staff and support most talented staff in pursuing the career they desire. 

Compensation package

SEforALL is an independent organization that has adopted its own salary scales corresponding to the SEforALL grading system. Salary scales have been designed to ensure SEforALL can offer competitive compensation to its employees in the various locations, while keeping into consideration the size and nature of the organization, its mission and its funding mechanisms. Salaries have been benchmarked against local markets and other competitors, and are regularly reviewed to ensure that we can attract the best talent.  

In addition to the base salary, SEforALL staff receive a benefits package that includes financial and non-financial benefits. Financial benefits include a contribution to staff’s pension, contribution to health insurance and a monthly allowance to support staff’s homeworking. 

In addition to the financial benefits, SEforALL staff are entitled to the various leave types as determined in the SEforALL Staff Handbook. This includes 26 days of annual leave, 13 public holidays, as well as sick leave, compensatory leave, study leave and a modern parental leave policy. 

Contract Types

SEforALL offers 2 categories of employment that differ in terms of the nature of the position and the required time commitments, to enable SEforALL teams to be equipped with the support they need to achieve their goals and for individuals to engage with our mission in the way that best suits them. 

We encourage candidates to read each job description carefully to make sure that they comply with the position’s requirements before applying. 

  • Limited-term Staff 

Most SEforALL appointments will be limited-term appointments, allowing SEforALL to adapt to its evolving needs in a dynamic context where its goals, operations and budgets are regularly reviewed by its Governance Board.  

Limited-term appointments are typically made for a period of initially one year, with possible extensions subject to (a) satisfactory performance of staff; and (b) continued business need for the functions and skills that the position entails. 

Limited-term position are graded according to the SEforALL Job & Career Framework, and staff are entitled to an annual salary and all related benefits. 

Please check SEforALL Grading System and each vacancy announcement before applying.  

  • Short-term Consultant 

SEforALL also employs experts to help us carry out essential short-term goals. Consultants provide advice, skills or expertise to assist the organization in fulfilling a short-term task or project in their field of expertise.  

Short-term consultancy can be full-time or part-time, depending on the needs of the team and the nature of the project.  

Short-term consultants are offered an all-in daily rate determined depending on qualifications and experience, and applying the principle of internal equity. They are not eligible for other benefits or for paid leave. 

Please also consult the SEforALL procurement portal which offers various consultancy opportunities.