Cooling for All

Cooling for All’s mission is to generate the evidence, partnerships, policy and business solutions necessary to provide sustainable cooling for all and to reduce the energy demand needed to achieve this.

Cooling for All does not mean an air-conditioner or refrigerator in every home; it means providing affordable and sustainable solutions to address the needs of the vulnerable, such as access to nutritious food and safe medicines and protection from heat in the transition to clean energy.

According to our Chilling Prospects 2021 report, 1.09 billion people are at high risk due to lack of access to cooling and a further 2.34 billion lack access to clean and efficient cooling.

In a warming world, access to sustainable cooling is not a luxury. It is an issue of equity and a service that must be delivered to all to achieve SDG7.

Cooling for All Secretariat

The Cooling for All Secretariat is a platform for coordinating responses to address access to cooling. The Secretariat aims to identify the challenges of providing access to affordable, sustainable cooling solutions for all, and to seize opportunities to support access initiatives.

The Secretariat takes an “efficiency-first” approach that emphasizes the need to think systematically about what cooling services people require and how to deliver them in a way that minimizes energy demands. This gives priority to simple solutions, like white roofs/walls, alongside other high-efficiency cooling technologies that run on sustainable energy.

Our work is guided by the Global Panel on Access to Cooling, a group of leaders from business, philanthropy, policy and academia committed to providing Cooling for All.

Learn more about the need for sustainable cooling through our flagship report Chilling Prospects or by exploring our Knowledge and Data resources and the Access to Cooling Initiatives supported by the Secretariat.

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