Energy Efficiency: RISE Energy Efficiency vs Business Environment

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Which countries have an enabling environment for investment in energy efficiency?

RISE Energy Efficiency vs Business Environment

Quick Facts

Some of the most energy intensive economies, including Canada, China, the Russian Federation, South Africa or the United States, are now harnessing energy efficiency measures with enabling regulatory environments and favorable business environments.
Doing Business rankings suggest that Europe and Central Asia have consistently been the regions with the highest average number of reforms per economy; the region is now close to having the same good practices in place as the OECD high- income economies.
Despite significant progress realized for business development in Indonesia in recent years, notably due to the introduction of regulatory initiatives to improve overall power reliability, the regulatory environment still lacks energy efficiency standards, building codes or mandates for the public sector and utilities.


  • Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE) offers policy makers and investors detailed country-level insights on the policy and regulatory environment for sustainable energy across 111 countries globally while Doing Business measures aspects of regulation that enable or prevent private sector businesses from starting, operating and expanding.
  • Dedicated entities are the necessary building blocks for governments to develop and implement energy efficiency measures, and encourage the private sector engagement. Minimum energy performance standards, appliance labels and building codes are prime candidates for near-term action. Other policy elements are also important but remain often neglected: sectoral-targeted policies for large consumers, the public sector and utilities as well as the development of financing mechanisms.
  • The top twenty high-impact countries for energy efficiency show a strong correlation between a high overall RISE Energy Efficiency score and a high ranking on the Ease of Doing Business. Nigeria received its lowest RISE score in Energy Efficiency at 11, with low scores in 11 out of 12 efficiency indicators. Nigeria was ranked 169 out of 190 countries in Doing Business, making improvements in 2015/16 in starting a business and getting credit.


NOTES: 1. Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE) is a suite of indicators that assesses the legal and regulatory environment for investment in sustainable energy.
2. Doing Business is a relative ranking of 190 economies based on the regulatory environment. It does this by sorting the aggregate scores of 11 topics, each consisting of several indicators, giving equal weight to each topic.

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