Energizing Finance

Finance is the lynchpin to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7). Currently, only half of the investment required for universal electricity access is committed to the projects and enterprises that will help us reach this goal. And investment for clean cooking is lagging even further behind. The main focus of our work at Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) for this intervention is to uncover reasons for the global shortfall in sustainable energy finance.

We want to inform and drive dialogue about the changes needed to catalyze sustainable finance for electricity and clean cooking access. Our flagship research series, Energizing Finance, provides concrete evidence of financial flows for sustainable energy access, highlighting where progress is being made, and where it isn’t, based on a wide set of data sources.

This work focuses on the 20 countries worldwide with the largest energy access deficits – the High-Impact Countries (HICs). Our research offers a broad view of financial trends affecting energy access in the HICs. But we also identify the policy and regulatory changes that incentivize the world's financial institutions to take more energy sector risk and accelerate energy access in the HICs.

We eagerly marshal this evidence through our partner relationships and by communicating with policymakers and leaders in the global energy and finance communities. Our research on sustainable energy finance is a core knowledge product for SEforALL that feeds into all our activities, notably our work on Electricity for All in Africa.

Financial data on markets for clean cooking solutions is harnessed under our Big Markets for Clean Fuels intervention. Universal access to clean cooking is pivotal to achieving SDG7 targets. SEforALL convenes leaders to identify the changes needed to create a commercially viable, sustainable private financing market for clean cooking solutions.