Energy Finance

Our Energy Finance programme offers sustainable energy stakeholders a reality check on where financial commitments for sustainable energy stand and how they can be enhanced to ensure the world achieves Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7). 


Achieving SDG7 is impossible without significant amounts of investment in energy access and efficiency. Universal energy access will require an estimated USD 45 billion annually until 2030. And much more investment is needed each year to help developing countries build reliable energy systems capable of powering economic activities.

To help countries close their energy access gaps, we need a clear picture of the finance required. That means understanding how much finance they are already receiving, in what forms, how quickly committed funds get paid and which energy solutions are being financed. This information is the foundation for the international community to act upon.

Our flagship Energizing Finance research series is recognized as a valuable source of energy finance analysis and advice to policymakers, the finance sector, industry and civil society. 


  • Publish leading insights on energy finance through our Energizing Finance research series, with a sharp focus on finance for high-impact countries where energy access gaps are greatest.
  • Influence decision-makers by advising them on sustainable energy finance strategies based on our Energizing Finance findings.
  • Advocate broadly for more robust and more efficient finance to support SDG7 targets and the phasing out of fossil fuel investments.