Energy Finance

Our Energy Finance programme offers sustainable energy stakeholders a reality check on where financial commitments for sustainable energy stand and how they can be enhanced to ensure the world achieves Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7). 

Our Energy Finance programme is responsible for SEforALL’s Energizing Finance research series, which is the first and only systematic analysis of finance commitments, disbursements and needs in countries with the largest energy access gaps. Through peer reviewed methodologies and findings, this research leverages proprietary data to identify financing trends, gaps and innovations that will inform achievement of SDG7.

According to Tracking SDG7: The Energy Progress Report 2020, achieving universal energy access will require an investment of at least USD 45 billion annually until 2030. Deploying this volume of finance requires an understanding of the amount and type of finance currently committed to countries with large energy access deficits (high-impact countries), how quickly and effectively it is disbursed and absorbed, the types of energy access solutions that receive finance, and the financing needs of enterprises delivering those solutions.

We produce innovative analysis in three reports:

Understanding the Landscape tracks year-on-year finance commitments for energy access in high-impact countries. Its analysis supports assessment of the effectiveness of policies and regulations in catalysing finance flows

Missing the Mark presents development partners and governments with information on the efficiency with which finance is disbursed for energy access projects, and the barriers that need to be addressed to accelerate disbursements

Taking the Pulse informs governments of the volume and type of capital required to meet SDG7 through off-grid energy solutions via country studies

SEforALL will build on Energizing Finance’s strong foundation to provide strategic advice on energy finance to policymakers, the finance sector, industry and civil society, and to convene parties to advocate for and influence policy reform. The aim is to increase deployment of appropriate finance for SDG7 globally by a broad range of investors.

Expected outcomes

  • Over the next three years, we will grow the Energizing Finance research series by producing annual updates to the Understanding the Landscape report and biennial updates to Missing the Mark and Taking the Pulse
  • Expand our communication and advocacy strategy to enhance Energizing Finance’s influence on sustainable energy stakeholders
  • Influence decision-makers through increased participation in external organizations' energy finance-related executive and steering committees, working groups and other initiatives, to drive inclusive finance and support faster delivery of sustainable energy access