Best practices for scaling energy efficiency with energy service companies: Opportunities for ASEAN

09:00 CET
09 Dec 2021
10:30 CET
09 Dec 2021

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is one of the most important participants in the global economy and energy portfolio and is home to 10 percent of the world population. Before the ongoing pandemic, ASEAN was the fifth-largest economy in the world with a gross domestic product (GDP) of around USD 3 trillion in 2018.

The ASEAN member states have undertaken policies, regulations, and market mechanisms to promote energy efficiency in industries, building and end-user appliances to varying effects. These efforts have supported the achievement of the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) phase-1 target of 20 percent energy intensity reduction by 2020. However, the latest regional energy efficiency targets and recovering better goals would require scaling of energy efficiency implementation at a significantly higher rate to achieve the SDG 7.3 target of an annual average of 3 percent energy efficiency improvement by 2030. For this, there is a need to promote and scale the Energy Service Companies (ESCO) model in the region to mobilize financing and investment for energy efficiency.  

Recognizing the important role that ESCOs have in the energy efficiency story for ASEAN, SEforALL and ASEAN Center of Energy (ACE) are hosted a webinar to bring the latest knowledge and practices on ESCO market development globally to policymakers and stakeholders in ASEAN. The webinar identifies the trends, challenges and some of the models that have been successful in developed and developing countries, which can inspire AMS to promote and deploy ESCOs in their countries.

The target audience of this webinar is  the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C) Working Group of ACE, other interested and relevant stakeholders from the region and the world are encouraged to watch.



09:00 – 10:30 am (CET) / 15:00-16:30 (Jakarta Time) 

M.C. – Rosa Garcia, Energy Efficiency and Cooling Specialist, SEforALL 

9:00-9:05 am

Welcome and opening remarks by ASEAN Centre of Energy and SEforALL 

09:05-09:20 am

Bridging Southeast Asia’s USD 0.9 trillion Energy Efficiency Capital Gap through 2040 (Removing ESCO market barriers across Southeast Asia) 

Alexander Ablaza, founding convenor and co-chair, Asia-Pacific ESCO Industry Alliance (APEIA) 

09:20-10:00 am

Learnings from the field moderated by Septia Buntara, Manager of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Department of ASEAN Centre of Energy  

  • Key learnings from the Global ESCO Network 
    Dr. Søren Lütken, chair of Global ESCO Network  

  • Observations from Malaysia's ESCO market in the public sector 
    Zulkifli Zahari, president of Malaysia Association of Energy Service Companies MAESCO  

  • China's regulation of energy-intensive industry and the role of ESCOs 
    Dr. Xianli Zhu, Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency 

  • Revitalizing the ESCO Market in Japan, NDC perspectives 
    Tetsuya Maekawa, Vice President of Japan Association of Energy Service Companies (JAESCO) 

  • Thailand’s strategy in promoting ESCO to scaling-up the energy efficiency projects
    Wisaruth Meathasith, Energy Regulation and Conservation Division, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), Thailand

10:00-10:25 am

Discussion – What can fit the ASEAN context?  
Moderated by Søren Lütken (Global ESCO Network) 

  • Jiwan Acharya, ADB

  • Cornelia Schenk, IEA 

10:25-10:30 am

Wrap-up and closing remarks by Alvin Jose, SEforALL