Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Development

Together with our Mission Efficiency partners, our Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Development programme supports global progress on energy efficiency by pushing for greater commitments and strengthening the enabling environment for investment in energy efficiency infrastructure and projects.


To provide clean, affordable energy to everyone we need to make every kilowatt count. We need to make sure that energy does not go to waste as it is produced, distributed and consumed. We need to be energy efficient.

As energy efficiency is not "visible", it is often not given the policy and investment priority it needs to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals. As a result, the energy efficiency rate is well below the level needed to achieve the SDG 7.3 target

Energy efficiency has the potential to cost-effectively contribute to:

  • Climate progress: delivering 40 percent of the emissions savings goals of the Paris Agreement 
  • Energy access: accelerating energy access progress by allowing the energy produced to serve more people.
  • Renewable energy: increasing the “share” of renewable energy by reducing the total energy demand 


  • Elevate energy efficiency using a clear narrative to advocate for its prioritization in global agendas.
  • Deliver strategic support and technical assistance to countries and stakeholders. 
  • Advocate for and enable countries, funds and financial institutions to invest in energy efficiency.

Sectors we support

  • Buildings: energy efficient and sustainable buildings with the Building Efficiency Accelerator, Zero Carbon Building Accelerator, GlobalABC and partners
  • Cities: energy efficient and sustainable cities with networks, such as C40, Global Covenant of Mayors, the World Economic Forum Net Zero Carbon Cities program and partners 
  • Energy supply: efficient and sustainable generation, distribution and transmission of energy with the District Energy Initiative and partners
  • Industry: efficient, sustainable and productive industries with Industrial Energy Accelerator, Mission Possible Partnership and partners
  • Products: energy efficient and sustainable appliances, technologies and materials with United for Efficiency, Efficiency for Access and partners
  • Services: effective energy efficiency services with Global ESCO Network and partners
  • Transport: energy efficient and sustainable mobility with Sustainable Mobility for All, Global Fuel Economy Initiative and partners

Key partner initiatives 

Mission Efficiency: a global collective of actions, commitments and goals on energy efficiency by a coalition of governments, organizations and initiatives. Mission Efficiency unites partners to accelerate the transition towards energy efficient economies worldwide.

Energy Efficiency Accelerators: Driving action and commitments by national and sub-national leaders across buildings, lighting, appliances, district energy systems, industry and transportation sectors.   

World Bank RISE - Energy Efficiency: A snapshot of a country’s policies and regulations in the energy sector, including a pillar on energy efficiency. See country scores here.  

International Energy Agency - Energy Efficiency: Tracking global energy efficiency progress, investment, policies and providing capacity building resources.