24/7 Carbon-Free Energy as the Path to Net-Zero

12:00 EDT
24 Aug 2021
13:30 EDT
24 Aug 2021

Electricity accounts for approximately 25 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Two sectors with large potential to be electrified -- transportation and buildings -- together account for another 21 percent. Thus, full decarbonization of electricity systems is key to mitigating climate change, with the potential to eliminate nearly 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

This deep-dive workshop explored opportunities for catalyzing action by all stakeholders on 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy.

Companies, national and local governments, and other stakeholders are invited to sign up to a Coalition for 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy being coordinated by Google in partnership with Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL).

The 24/7 CFE Compact will be launched officially during the UN High-level Dialogue on Energy on 24 September. All energy system stakeholders, from energy buyers, energy suppliers, governments, solutions providers, investors, and other organizations, will be invited to join the 24/7 CFE Compact when it is launched.

The Call to Action and 24/7 CFE Principles can be viewed here. All signatories to the 24/7 CFE Compact will be invited to submit their own Energy Compacts to capture their organization’s specific commitments between now and 2030 to move towards 24/7 CFE, as well as support the achievement of SDG7.

For more on the 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact, visit https://24-7cfe.com


For more information as well as the Energy Compact process, you can refer to the slide deck here.

For any inquiries on the Coalition, email 24-7CFE@google.com.