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We have a dedicated team that works closely with UN-Energy, which is the United Nations’ mechanism for inter-agency collaboration in the field of energy. This team supports the CEO in her the role as the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General (SRSG) and Co-Chair of UN-Energy


SEforALL continues to sustain its long-standing connection to the UN given our unique mandate to drive action on Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7). 

This connection is reinforced through a multi-year partnership agreement with the UN, our role as a partner agency of UN-Energy, and by the ongoing appointment of our CEO as the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All, and since 2018, as the co-chair of UN-Energy. 

UN-Energy is the principal mechanism within the UN system for inter-agency collaboration on energy. It has entered a new phase as it reinvigorates and revitalizes its role: through a pledge, UN-Energy now aims to make rapid strides towards ending energy poverty and advancing the global energy transition. UN-Energy aims to make rapid strides towards ending energy poverty and advancing the global energy transition. The outcomes of the 2021 UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy, including the Secretary-General's roadmap, offer a clear path for UN-Energy to support enhanced action on SDG7. 

SEforALL was an integral part of the 2021 UN High-level Dialogue on Energy, playing a leading role in the development, coordination and outreach for the Energy Compacts. We continue to serve as a focal point for all aspects of the Energy Compacts, which are voluntary commitments to actions that accelerate the pace of delivery of SDG7. 


Support the SRSG and Co-Chair of UN-Energy

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Energy Compacts

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South-South Cooperation

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Leading the world to accelerate progress towards a net-zero future

The Energy Compacts are designed to spur action towards achieving net-zero while advancing universal energy access. Close to 200 commitments were submitted by governments, corporations, international organisations, philanthropies, and a range of other stakeholders towards achieving SDG7 and the clean energy transition.

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Driving international investment to scale up renewable energy manufacturing capabilities

The Renewable Energy Manufacturing Initiative (REMI) international Initiative will help drive the financial, technical, and socioeconomic investments required to unlock the continent’s potential for up to 1.2 Terawatts of clean energy, 14 million new jobs and 6.4% growth in GDP by 2050.

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